3 Lindstrøm remixes you should listen to

3 Lindstrøm remixes you should listen to


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Lin Stensrud

In celebration of Norwegian producer Lindstrøm's new album, It’s Alright Between Us As It Is, we celebrate three of his remixes

1. 'Tribulations' by LCD Soundsystem
The Norwegian producer took this electro number from the Brooklyn rockers to a dance-friendly, heady track.

2. 'Boyfriend' by Best Coast
Synths by Lindstrøm have taken Bethany Cosentino's vocals from her wistful, Californian strain to a disco-heavy tune.

3. 'Give It All' by Foals
Foals' heartbreaking rendition of a break-up takes a hypnotic turn with the help of Lindstrøm.

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