#ManCrushMonday: Lewis Tan

#ManCrushMonday: Lewis Tan

Another iron fist

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Instagram | @lewistanofficial

5 things you need to know about the man who could have been the lead in Netflix's Iron Fist

1. His father, Philip Tan, was born in Singapore.
Lewis Tan definitely got it from his "dada". The older Tan spent his childhood in Singapore before moving to the United Kingdom when he was five. He went on to become a stuntman and martial arts expert who trained actors and like his son, is now based in Los Angeles.

2. His stats
Tan is 30 years old, stands at six-two (approximately 187.96cm) and weighs 180 pounds (approximately 81.64kg). He's also with Brazilian-Japanese model Emi Renata Sakamoto — if they ever reproduce, that'll be a beautiful beige global citizen that's out to represent the world. 

My rare pearl. #blessed

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3. He's been in Hollywood for a while, but behind-the-scenes
You know those action sequences that get your adrenaline rushing? Tan's responsible for a lot of them, having worked as a stuntman in films such as Olympus Has Fallen, The Hangover Part III, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

4. He was also considered for the role of Danny Rand in Netflix's Iron Fist
He read for the role of Danny in a long audition process, to the point where availability and dates were discussed — what he considered to be a good sign. Instead, the lead for Netflix's Iron Fist went to Finn Jones, a Game Of Thrones alumni. However, not all is lost. Tan plays villain Zhou Cheng in the series.

5. He might be in the new Forest Whitaker film
The acclaimed director, Forest Whitaker cast and shot Tan as a Southern football player in his upcoming drama, Sacrifice. "You have people like that and they see the future and don't see you as some ninja," laments Tan on Whitaker and the role of Asian-Americans in film.

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