Why Lena Headey is our favourite Lannister in Game of Thrones

Why Lena Headey is our favourite Lannister in Game of Thrones


Text: Clara Tan

Image: HBO,
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Apart from playing TV's sinister queen, Cersei Lannister, here's why the English actress is also a badass in real life

Winter is coming, and so is war.

Following season 6's shocking finale of Game Of Thrones where Cersei Lannister blew up half the show and claimed the coveted Iron Throne, things are just going to get more intense on season 7, which premiered yesterday on HBO. Played by Lena Headey, all eyes are definitely fixed on the Queen of the Seven Kingdom's fate — will or will she not survive? While Headey's Cersei is all of ruthless and cold, she's far from the evil ice queen stereotype, as she's loved by viewers worldwide. The 43-year-old actress nails the character of the only Lannister daughter perfectly, and although her real life persona is anything but sinister, here's why she's a complete badass.

1. She accidentally killed her pet fish
Kids can't take proper care of their pets? It's proven true this instance — Headey once shared that she boiled her goldfish alive when she was a child because she wanted to give it a big jacuzzi. Yikes.

2. Her tongue has been around 
Now, get your head out of the gutter. The award-winning actress licked a toad once for her role in 2005 adventure film The Brothers Grimm — in which she later commented that the toad didn't have any taste.

3. Actresses make sacrifices
She may be the conniving Queen Cersei Lannister onscreen, but who knew that she suffered from postpartum depression during the filming of Game Of Thrones season 1? The mother-of-two had described that period as "horrendous".

4. Supernatural sightings
Headey claims that she sees ghosts. It all began when she saw one in her home when she was a little girl.

4. Easy to bully? Nah
As a child, the Yorkshire lass was bullied often because of her accent. “I was having a drink with my mates, and one girl said, ‘Oh, you think you’re so f***ing good coming back here, don’t ya?’ Then she punched me in the eye, and I showed up on my first day of a Disney film with a real shiner." 

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