kikki.k's new collection will make you want to sleep more

kikki.k's new collection will make you want to sleep more

Trouble sleeping?

Text: Adibah Isa

kikki.K's new More Sleep Please collection brings all things warm and fuzzy for your journey into the lagom life

Doesn't the phrase "Follow your inner dreamer" make you want to tear your hair out? You're not alone — we've seen it on one too many candles, notebook covers and wall hangings, coupled with bunting flags to amp up the inspirational ante. Heck, it's written in one of the pages of kikki.K's Can't Sleep Notepad, one designed for you to jot down those 2am thoughts where your mind finds itself annoyingly awake. The difference between kikki.K's latest collection and other accessories that induce eye rolls? This one's designed by the Swedes, who are all about that lagom life.

What's lagom, you ask? While the Danes' buzzword of the past year was hygge (a word to describe that feeling of cosy contentment through the simple things in life), 2018's adopted Scandi sister would be lagom. It translates to 'not too much, not too little — just right', encouraging a more balanced approach to life. It's caught on in the mainstream after a book by the Brit author Niki Brantmark, Lagom: Not Too Little, Not Too Much, Just Right: The Swedish Guide to Creating Balance in Your Life, was published late last year. One that anchors you to declutter your home, buy consciously and share craft activities while embracing 'slow design', lagom is more than just another hogwash approach to life in the 21st century where each episode of Black Mirror looks like it might just come true.


In the same vein, fellow Swede kikki.K's new collection wants you to listen to your body and sleep better. Even if you're hell-bent on following your inner dreamer, you could do with switching things up to aid your slumber. Lavender — a scent prevalent in the collection's creams and candles — has been useful in eliminating tension, enhancing circulation and treating respiratory problems, so unwind with a relaxing whiff. A spot of lavender tea is also recommended with kikki.K's new porcelain palettes of blues, whites and golds. If you're more old school and have disregarded sleeping apps, note down your cycles in kikki.K's daily sleep tracker.


Apart from that, you can also change your bedroom settings and bedding situation as recommended by Nick Littlehales, a sleep coach who's worked with the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo. The former golf pro and bedding industry insider has reconfigured sporting teams' hotel rooms for better sleep, and his book, Sleep, is filled with tips on how to sleep faster and recharge both body and mind. It's also been given a kikki-K redesign to suit the More Sleep Please theme of happy blues. Even if you snooze, you won't really lose.

kikki.K's More Sleep Please collection is out now at kikki.K ION, kikki.K Raffles City, kikki.K VivoCity and online. 

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