Here's how to live your life according to a new book by Kate Spade

Here's how to live your life according to a new book by Kate Spade

La vie en rose

Text: Adibah Isa

Here are five tips we gathered from Kate Spade's new book, All in Good Taste

It's an ideal holiday gift for the hostest with the mostest, or that one girlfriend with absolutely no manners. Kate Spade's new title, All in Good Taste brings together 879 pieces of advice on style, etiquette and entertaining in its signature cutesy style. What to expect? Essays, anecdotes and sketches curated by the brand from 25 contributors (including stylists, chefs, photographers, writers, bookstore owners and models). This digest will be a handy companion come merry-making time at the end of the year. Ain't no party like a Kate Spade party — and here are some tips you ought to take note.

1. No idea what to do with old perfume decanters? Re-use  them as vases for your centrepiece. Just make sure you sanitise them before putting your best blooms in.

Kate Spade flower

2. It's perfectly excusable to scribble a last-minute toast on a napkin — that is, if you can't do so on the note-taking function in your mobile. Here's a foolproof formula for last minute toasts. 

Kate Spade napkin note

3. The samba, cha-cha, tango and mambo are four classic dances you should learn for any occassion — here's a cheat sheet in case you're too embarrassed to be seen taking dance classes.

Kate Spade

4. Turn your favourite classic book covers into wall art or gifts for a literary-inclined boo by framing a contemporary version with gold foil. 

Kate Spade Great Expectations

5. After a dinner party, always thank the host with a handwritten note (text messages should be banned), and be sure to include anecdotes on any embarrassing moments from the evening. It's much classier than an unflattering photo on Facebook.

Kate Spade handwritten note

All in Good Taste will be available for purchase in November at Kate Spade New York Marina Bay Sands, Ion Orchard and Raffles City.