Julie Byrne’s finger-style folk lullabies for the perfect afternoon

Julie Byrne’s finger-style folk lullabies for the perfect afternoon


Text: Esther Soh

Image: Sled Production

The 27-year-old folk titan weaves contemporary folk tunes with lush, whispered sensitivity in her breakout second album, Not Even Happiness. Here are 5 tracks currently on our nap time playlist

1. 'Follow My Voice'
The Buffalo, New-York-born songstress brings tranquility with 'Follow My Voice', a plea for those in pain to not be overtaken by fear. Turning every nook and cranny of the dreamy arrangement into a gentle reflection, Byrne shares a meditative moment through her soft yet controlled voice mixed with impressionistic strings. 

2. 'Natural Blue'
Ever felt like you were at the mercy of ceaseless days of fatigue yet strangely finding a refuge in quiet, solitary and peaceful moments? That's Byrne's craft summed up in this one feeling. With ethereal softness in her minimalist tunes, you'll sway to this breathy ballad as she reflects, "And when I first saw you / The sky, it was such a natural blue".

3. 'Sleepwalker'
Byrne pens down her vulnerable yet courageous experience in 'Sleepwalker', singing about matters of the heart as a young, naïve girl seeking affirmation in relationships. Her beguiling finger-style tunes are bound to make us reminisce our younger, foolish days of finding warmth in another's gaze.

4. 'I Live Now As A Singer'
As the closing entry of Byrne's second full-length album, Not Even Happiness, the folk artist questions her ability to forgive her own judgements before jumping into another chapter of love.

5. 'Melting Grid'
The gentle guitar-picker triumphs in the simple, the stark and the effortless when it comes to mulling over all aspects of loneliness without a sense of belonging. Byrne's golden vocals glide with emotions in this wistful number, where she admits her isolation, "But I'd get so lonely inside that room / No matter who would ever wait for me".

Julie Byrne will be playing at SLED Productions X Decline in Singapore on 9 February.
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