The survival kit you need to get through the last bits of January

The survival kit you need to get through the last bits of January

Beat the blues

Text: Esther Soh

Image: Facebook | DesignTAXI

Dear January, you're still not over yet?

The switch from sweltering, feverish heat to an arctic outbreak this January might have taken us off guard but what remains constant is this: A hello to January blues. After the year-end festivities (or hibernation), things seemed to have sobered up as the impending New Year countdown hung low. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

31 days, 744 hours, 44640 minutes and 2678400 seconds. The daily grind resumes. Toiling through ceaseless nine-to-five days has left us wondering whether January was indeed the longest month of the year. Fun fact: It's actually September, a total of nine letters while the former has eight. Whether you've started or already given up chanting your mantra, you'll probably be better off with these unsung heroes below. Resolution who?

1. A serving of toasty s'mores 
These babies might not be made of real graham crackers, melted marshmellows and chocolate, but they do promise to keep your sore heels warm and cosy. Plug it into your computer and glide into this toasty goodness.
smores slippers

2. A whiff of fresh eucalyptus
Designed to provide an instantaneous stress relief you never knew was possible, a sniff can provide a mental detox that'll melt away tension and strain. We say it's the best combat when faced with seemingly infinite to-do lists.


3. A dependable full-body brolly
Soaked sneakers, damp frizzy hair and smudged makeup are the last things we'd want before another day in the office. Strut through the shower without worry because there's really nothing wrong with going overboard on the foolproof protection. They've got you covered (literally).full body umbrella japanese