James Franco: Capturing the 21st century douchebag

James Franco: Capturing the 21st century douchebag


Text: Esther Soh

Image: Facebook | James Franco,
Facebook | Los Angeles,
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Golden Globes winner James Franco may have taken on multifaceted roles, but his true niche lies in being Hollywood’s ubiquitous douchebag. Here’s why we still love the him despite his penchant for the obnoxious

1. Flashing the mischievous trademark smile
When the 40-year-old Franco unveils his world-class crooked smirk with a dash of twinkle in his eyes, we know without a doubt that something miraculous is happening. Be it the modern-day renaissance man in Eat Pray Love or billionaire Harry Osborn cum Green Goblin in Spiderman, he manages to incorporate his goofy smirk that leaves us charmed.


2. All-rounder, all titles
It's superficial to categorise Franco under just one title. His numerous accolades as an actor isn't news to us but he can also be celebrated as a teacher, writer, director, poet, musician, host, model and painter. He painted all the artwork in apocalypse comedy This Is the End, including a mural of the film on a building in Brooklyn — he truly lives by the words "I'll try anything once".

james franco mural paint brooklyn

3. The douchey boyfriend we all once had
Franco is quite frankly an outlandish douchebag in Why Him as Laird Mayhew  a socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire who jogs our memory of everything we've ever seen or will eventually experience with lovers in our lifetimes. While some men can be too controlling, abrasive, meek or mild, Laird is the ultimate combination of these boyfriend archetypes merged in one.

4. Drag queen alter ego 
In 2010, Franco donned tacky blue eyeshadow and thick glossy red lips with his hair slicked back for the cover of Candy Magazine, the first fashion magazine dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transsexuality, cross dressing and androgyny. He even dressed in drag for the second time as Marilyn Monroe at the 83rd annual Academy Awards.

5. Colourful locks
In 2016, Franco gave up his luscious pompadour curls in exchange for a neon ombré for RiFF RAFF's 'ONLY iN AMERiCA' music video, showing how the actor isn't afraid to experiment with his look. Sticking to physical normalities can keep an actor's reputation intact, but Franco's gush of confidence and boldness are what we love.
james franco neon hair ombré
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