International Women's Day: 5 up-and-coming comedians to watch

International Women's Day: 5 up-and-coming comedians to watch

Standing tall

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Sharul Channa

Everyday should be International Women's Day — but since we're jumping on this timely bandwagon, here are 5 comics you should check out for a healthy dose of laughter

Sharul Channa
No stranger to the local comedy scene, Sharul Channa is brown girl reppin' in her sets that talk about life as an Indian woman in Singapore. In her new show, she'll drop some knowledge on the psyche of the Asian man, anecdotes from her travel and her Indian family. A must-watch for a night of loud-mouthed, tell-it-like-it-is fun.
Watch Sharul Channa on 10 and 11 March at the Drama Centre.

Jocelyn Chia
A former corporate lawyer, the New York-based standup comedian is now with the Magnet Theater, an organisation that provides improv, public speaking and creative training for companies. After growing up in Singapore, Chia moved to America and often uses her lackadaisical brand of comedy to relay events from her youth.
Watch Jocelyn Chia on 8 March at Magners International Comedy Festival.

Shazia Mirza
Even though her parents just want her to get married, Shazia Mirza went from being a science teacher in London's East End to being a stand-up comedian and writer for The Financial Times and The Guardian. The British Muslim has poked fun at ISIS, Brexit and touchy issues such as religion, all the while leaving audiences guffawing with laughter. Apart from stand-up, she also features on panels and shows such as Top Gear and Have I Got News For You
Watch Shazia Mirza on 14 March at The Merry Lion.

Mary Bourke
What does being Irish really mean? Mary Bourke tackles this and other questions on Irish identity in her newest show that's coming to Singapore. The former burlesque dancer and choreographer dresses like a vicar's wife, which means she can "say practically anything on stage and get away with it" — her words exactly. This comic has joked about hunting down smug, Waitrose-shopping, yoga-stretching, Nigel Slater-worshipping mummies... which we'll wholeheartedly join her for. 
Watch Mary Bourke on 17 March at The Merry Lion.

Mary Bourke Singapore

Yuriko Kotani
You can learn a lot from spending just 15 minutes with Yuriko Kotani. Originally from Japan, the London-based comedian makes sharp observations about the differences in Japanese and English cultures, adopting a bitingly blunt style of delivery. What messes her up? The London underground, the term "ish" and British sarcasm.
Watch Yuriko Kotani from 8 to 11 March at Magners International Comedy Festival.

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