Interior trends 2019: How to dress your home like Glossier's Miami pop-up and Jacquemus' new Parisian cafe

Interior trends 2019: How to dress your home like Glossier's Miami pop-up and Jacquemus' new Parisian cafe

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Text: Aravin Sandran

Inspiration: When it comes to bringing the outside in, Glossier is all about staying true to its locale. That means tall lalang-like dry grass on the fringes of its LA flagship and an epic faux canyon room, inspired by Arizona's Antelope Canyon, for its millennial customers to geotag on the 'gram. In its Miami store, on the other hand, it's all about fresh tropical bouquets of flora and fruits in line with the coastal city's upbeat climate. We spotted huge-leaved banana trees and fruit-hanging mango trees along with yellow starfruits, whole watermelons and even what looked like longan decorating stylish Ikebana-influenced arrangements.

Get the look: Put aside your monstera deliciosa (swiss cheese plant) and succulents that you bought three years ago after seeing it everywhere on Pinterest. Instead, opt for a flaming birds of paradise plant and contrast it with delicate pale orchids of your choice. Finish it off by emptying your dusty fruit bowl and stacking them juicy, colourful bits around your flamboyant DIY creation before dangling a couple of rambutan twigs.

Inspiration: "Colour is light and energy, an electric current to the human brain, proven to possess healing properties and the ability to change our thoughts, behaviour and the way we feel for the better", believes Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist Jacquie Comrie who created the incredibly vibrant mural on the facade of the Glossier's pop-up. Her expansive piece — which covers the entire length of the building and more — features the label's blush pink as its base layer, but then turns up the volume with a kaleidoscopic spectrum of hues depicting the tropical foliage that awaits within.

Get the look: From Instagrammable cafes to creative office spaces, botanical murals seem to be trending everywhere at the moment, but who could possibly afford a custom-painted piece in their BTO flat, besides the privileged one percent? Fake it till you make it, they say, so while working yourself to the bone towards a high SES lifestyle, create that illusion of bougie living at the fraction of the cost with Minted's printed wall murals that have been designed by a global community of independent artists. The panels are incredibly easy to install, and since sustainability is on everyone's minds, they are PVC-free and made from recycled materials.

Inspiration: Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is on a roll lately: his next-level micro bag sparked memes during Paris Fashion Week, and unofficial face of the millennial generation Kylie Jenner wore one of his body-clinging white dresses while on vacay. This week, the 29-year-old launched his own cafe, Citron, in partnership with Caviar Kaspia in the new Galeries Lafayette in Paris. In line with his eponymous label's summertime vibes, the 6,500 square-metre eatery's atmospheric mise-en-scene is led by bright natural light coming in, from what looks to be, an all-glass roof and floor-to-ceiling windows. That being said, the centre of attraction, literally, has to be the oversized terracotta vases that contain dwarf lemon trees.

Get the look: Instead of diminutive plant pots that act as mere vessels, get inspired by Atelier Vierkant's architectural clay vases. While their catalogue offers a wide selection in every shape and size, we're particularly fond of the AHC model for its brush-stroked textured surface. Go local by planting a mandarin orange seedling and you'll be ahead of the game before CNY comes around in 2020.


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