IKEA just got cooler with their newest collection, SPÄNST

Street smart

Text: Adibah Isa

Hypebeasts and hypebaes, the IKEA fam's got you with SPÄNST, a new collaboration with STAMPD that even includes a skateboard

IKEA is probably the last place you'd go to for a skateboard. You frequent the furnishing giant for sheets, frames, storage and maybe a hotdog or two, but it's hardly a solution for the stylish scene kid who grew up. Enter STAMPD, a west coast lifestyle brand that's approved by the hypebeasts, hypebaes and your too-cool-for-Facebook intern.

After the likes of Tom Dixon, Hay and Byredo, the Los Angeles-based STAMPD is IKEA's newest collaborator, with a limited edition collection out in May. After giving us a preview in Milan last year, we've been keeping our eyes peeled for the so-hip-it-hurts wardrobes, shoe boxes and cushion covers that'll soon find their way to every other woke design nut. Yes, cushion covers — decked out in a concrete wash of colour, a hue that stands out from the collection's monochromatic and saturated colour palette.

The brainchild of Chris Stamp (a design and business graduate who turned his final year project to a streetwear label), STAMPD has had its fair share of esteemed collaborators — think: PUMA, Rolex, BAPE and Barneys. Stamp, who grew up skating in Southern California, often credits the sport for his influences, which is probably why there's a skateboard rack built into the shoe rack for the SPÄNST collection. With storage solutions that have been designed to showcase your wardrobe and accessories, millennials who buy into this collaboration would also have to curate their investment pieces together with some fashion crimes of the past. Co-designed by London Royal College of Art graduate and Polish IKEA collaborator Maja Ganszyniec, standouts include the mesh metal wardrobe, the standing support chair for those in-between moments as well as the shoe storage, which reimagines large shipping containers in micro form.

Another interesting find is the USB-chargable LED light stick, which you can either clip onto a wall or have it lean against one. Other items in the collection include hangers, duffel bags, notebooks, basketball hoops and throws. Too bad Stamp's dog, Baxter, isn't up for grabs.

The IKEA x Stampd collection, SPÄNST, is available from May 2018.


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