How to turn your kid into a social media cash cow

How to turn your kid into a social media cash cow

Bringing home the bacon

Text: Adibah Isa

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The recipe for social media success? It boils down to the simple things: Charm, connection and really good timing. Here's our cheat sheet

Disclaimer: We're not saying that this is in any way an exploitation of your child. We're thinking more in terms of taking your everyday occurrences just a notch higher, and hey, if the Internet gets a hold of said recorded occurrence, that's just pure luck, isn't it? Or rather, pure, executed timing. Gone are the days of community club-led talent competitions and baby shows held at the void deck — you know, the kind where you parade your one-year-old in the hopes of bagging a state-of-the-art pram or even a toaster, if you're lucky.

In this social media age, the best of babies cruise in a Bugaboo — a sponsored one at that. When Howard Davies-Carr uploaded his 57-second clip on YouTube in 2007, he certainly had no hopes (that we know of, at least) of his sons being famous, but the video of Charlie biting Harry's finger shot them to fame with over 840 million views. When asked how this all came about, Davies-Carr shared that he only uploaded the video so that his sons' godfather in America could view it. Sponsorship and advertisement deals followed this viral hit, with Davies-Carr sharing that "it brings a bit of extra money in, so we're more comfortable". Not too shabby at all.

Turn temper tantrums into tax payers
Mila and her mom were invited to The Ellen DeGeneres Show after the latter uploaded Mila's reaction upon learning that Maroon 5's Adam Levine is married. The girl even met Levine himself. When a Scottish girl insisted on getting a boyfriend, her reaction raked up thousands of views on Facebook. So the next time you sense that terrible two entering into major tantrum territory, whip out your phone. 

Polyglots are the new ponies
The most valuable gift you can ever present to a child is the gift of languages. Bella Devyatkina from Moscow shocked the world when she showed off her mad language skills in English, French, German, Chinese, Arabic and Russian. That's a total of six languages... in just one four-year-old. Mind, blown. The British Council, Alliance Francaise, Goethe-Institut, Las Lilas, Pyaess Japanese Language School, BibiNogs and Little Mandarins are some of Singapore's most reputable language schools with programmes for kids.

Dance like everybody's watching
14-year-old Maddie Ziegler shot to international fame when she starred in Sia's Chandelier music video at 11 years old. Sia didn't just pluck her out of nowhere, though. Ziegler was already making a name of herself in reality show Dance Moms. If your kid's showing interest in movement, sign him or her up at Amy's School of Dance & The Arts that provides pre-schoolers ballet, jazz and hip-hop dance classes. It's not too late for you to go en pointe either — the school also provides lessons for adults.

Let them shout it from the rooftops

Six-year-old Connie Talbot wowed the judges (even moving one to tears) when she braved the crowds and Simon Cowell at the audition of the first season of Britain's Got Talent in 2007. She might have been missing two front teeth, but she certainly didn't miss a beat when she belted out the classic, Somewhere Over The Rainbow. A hundred million views on YouTube later, Talbot has released five albums. She's now 15, and looks like this.  

Two is better than one
Everyone loves a little bit of Drake, but Filipina Niana Guerrero really likes Drake's One Dance — much to the amusement of her brother, Ranz Kyle. The duo are YouTube and Facebook hits with their dance covers of Justin Bieber tunes. Describing themselves as people who "post stuff to entertain and inspire the youth", the brother and sister typify #siblinggoals in spite of their nine-year age gap and personality differences. The arts often unite polar opposites, so it's a good way to foster healthy relations between siblings who couldn't be further apart.

Teach them one "big kid" word
Another Ellen invitee, Trey Hart is known as the "Exasperating Kid". When he learned of a new sibling from his mother, the tyke amused the world by his use of the word "exasperating". Arming your child with good vocabulary is always a good thing, but to really impress, introduce the the word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" for a start, and get him or her hooked onto Julie Andrews at the same time. 

When in doubt, add a pet
It's not too late to carve out a career in photography when you're a mom — others have tried at the comfort of their own home. Stay-at-home mother Elizabeth Spence thought nothing of it when she started capturing her baby Archie and Nora their rescue dog with her camera phone. She's since upgraded to a legit camera, taking moments in and around their home that'll melt the hardest of hearts. Her photos are light, bright, and feature a baby bum or two. Side note: Cats are a sure-win way to rule the Internet.

The rescuer and the rescue. I can't think of a better pairing . I recently learned of a dog rescue organization called Amicii Dog Rescue (@amiciidogrescue). They're based out of the UK and are rescuing and rehoming dogs in Romania. They're presently raising funds to build a new shelter and have been pledged £590 by supporters if they reach 5000 likes on their Instagram page by December 25th. Take a look at their feed for more information about their rescue project. If you like what you see give their page a 'like' to help them raise funds or look at some of the other options they have to help these pooches out. And spread the word if you're inclined to! Nora and Archie yearn for the day when all dogs have food, love and shelter. Hopefully that day will come soon #rescuedogs #adoptdontshop #nappingwithNora Fujifilm XT1

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Emphasise on the importance of good nutrition

Ever since Tristan Evans' 30 seconds of fame, her video gave her family an all-expense paid trip, and a whole lot of love. Taken in 2004, the mother took a video of her three-year-old daughter Emily slathering her 18-month baby Ethan with peanut butter — giving a whole new meaning of the phrase, "he looks good enough to eat". It's not vulgar if you spread it on your baby. We recommend local purveyors Second Helpings for their cinnamon and pretzel-flavoured peanut butters. 

Make everyday (or every other day) a Halloween night

The world cooed when photographer Laura Izumikawa dressed her baby in timely characters. Izumikawa's already done something for the Olympics, Stranger Things, Pokémon Go and most recently, the American Elections. Meanwhile, mother of five Katie Stauffer is also a costume-lover, dressing her twins from the likes of the characters from Orange Is The New Black to the Kardashians. On her blog, she's also dropped tips on how to capture these moments: Use apps like VSCO (filter A6), Snapseed, Priime, Retouch and Juztaposer. Halloween isn't just restricted to 31 October, folks.

Kiki and Kourt

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What type of person doesn't love pizza? A weirdough. #flatoutlove #partner @flatoutbread

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