How to make eclecticism work for your home

How to make eclecticism work for your home

Design tips

Text: Gracinha Viterbo

Image: Viterbo Interior Design

What makes it into the house of an interior designer? Gracinha Viterbo takes us on a tour around her enviable pad on 8 Napier Hill

Travel is the general inspiration behind the concept of this house. I travel every three to four months to follow up on international projects and to visit my European and African teams. In Singapore, I live here with my husband and four children, aged five to ten, and we've been living in this house for almost two years. 

We're in a very central location in Singapore, with the Botanicaeveryl Gardens within walking distance. There is lots of greenery all around. When I chose the materials, moods and lights in my home, I also take into account the tropical weather here. I do this with all my projects, whether at the Alps, Rio de Janeiro, or Africa.

The process of designing and curating the pieces in this house took about a month. We have a family estate in Portugal, so I gathered a lot of my favourite objects from there and bought some new ones to integrate to this house. I was brought up in a beautiful home among objects that I still remember. These references are part of the structure that balances each and every one of us, and that's why I feel that I'm not a furniture seller, but that I build stories and poetry in the spaces and homes I project.

I design so that my eyes or my clients' eyes can wander, and given that I have been working with a feng shui master for nine years now, I feel a home must have many favourite corners so that the energy flows all over. My children's rooms are magical at any time of day.


Gracinha Viterbo Singapore

Art is the soul of our house. I have four children who love paper airplanes; this painting gives perspective and emotion to our family home. A coral is displayed with a 50´s silver vase and a 70´s ceramic vase. An 18th-century screen sets some privacy and frames two vintage chairs. The malachite fabric bench frames our favorite word, vie, which means 'life' in French. The two pillows and carpet are from Viterbo Interior Design.

Living and dining rooms

Gracinha's lounge room

Tailor-made handmade golf leaf wallpaper sets the stage for the mood of the room, which is layered with screens and a Hervé Van Der Straeten mirror. I tend to go for vintage objects which spark curiosity. I also collect artistic and sculptural pieces — that mirror is an example. A mix between my finds in my travels, the space is curated by mixing a Pedro Cabrita Reis painting, a Sé London armchair by Hayon, vintage Murano lamps, a concrete table, a ceramic sculpture on it, and a rug by Paul Smith.

Master suite

Gracinha Viterbo Singapore

The Dedar collection for Hermès wallpaper sets the background of this room where again, a collection of interesting pieces are curated. The bed and night table is by Viterbo Interior Design, while everything else is vintage collectibles. On the far right is a table by Pedro Cabrita Reis, an artist that the family collects.

Living room

Gracinha Viterbo in Singapore

The eclectic mix in this room mirrors my style. Pierre Frey´s portofino fabric curtains and a sofa by Viterbo Interior Design is set against textured wallpaper. There's a collection of "objets de curiosité" curated by myself, with a Fornasetti vase, a Donghia lamp and an extra large Pedro Cabrita Reis painting.

Family room

Gracinha's home in Napier Hill

Diane Von Furstenberg's rug frames this space as the backdrop is set by my collection of corals. This is both an indoor and outdoor living room that extends to the balcony, where chillout beds are set by Gracinha Viterbo Design.