St. Patrick's Day: An Irishman appreciation post

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Text: Adibah Isa

If you're not into drinking green-coloured brews or dressing up as leprechauns, take a seat and enjoy our top ten list of inspiring Irishmen in film and television

1. Colin Farrell
Age: 41
Origin: Castleknock, Republic of Ireland
He's the Irish icon in Hollywood — and while he's pretty to look at, his acting chops in black comedy Lobster had our hearts in knots at his endearing portrayal.

2. Andrew Scott
Age: 41
Origin: Dublin, Republic of Ireland
You know him as the devastatingly sinister Moriarty in the BBC series, Sherlock. Stealing the screen away from Benedict Cumberbatch, this Bafta-winning actor can lure us into his wild, dancing eyes anytime.

3. Pierce Brosnan
Age: 64
Origin: Drogheda, Republic of Ireland
Yep, Mr. Brosnan's now in his 60s — who's your (grand) daddy? He's the Bond the '90s kids grew up with, romancing the likes of Halle Berry and Michelle Yeoh. 

 4. Jamie Dornan
Age: 35
Origin: Belfast, Northern Ireland
This gorgeous man was great in the crime drama The Fall. While we don't really care much for Mr. Grey's acting, he's still easy on the eyes — which makes the 50 Shades of Grey film series a tad less painful to sit through. 

5. Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Age: 40
Origin: Drimnagh, Republic of Ireland
Capturing our hearts since his minor role in Keira Knightley's breakout film Bend It Like Beckham, those steely, icy blue eyes have stolen the small screen in The Tudors and Elvis.

6. Clive Standen
Age: 36
Origin: Belfast, Northern Ireland
A household name in the British isles, Clive Standen's beefy, bearded goodness has been in television series such as Doctor Who and Robin Hood.

7.  Liam Neeson
Age: 65
Origin: Ballymena, Northern Ireland
One of the finest actors in Ireland, Neeson (who has an OBE, thank you very much) has delighted audiences in critically-acclaimed roles in Schindler's List, Star Wars, Batman Begins and Taken. He could also pretty much find you, and kill you — or at least pretend to.

8. Aidan Turner
Age: 34
Origin: Clondalkin, Republic of Ireland
The Hobbit star now shows off his chiselled chest and tousled hair in BBC1 period drama, Poldark.

9. Cillian Murphy
Age: 41
Origin: Douglas, Republic of Ireland
If looks could kill, Murphy will have you dead — but at least you'll go out happy. He's played baddies in the Batman trilogy and Red Eye, but has really gone full bad boy in acclaimed series Peaky Blinders, nailing a Birmingham accent to boot. 

10. Michael Fassbender
Age: 40
Origin: Heidelberg, Germany
Magneto could attract us anytime. While he was born in Germany (where his father's from), Fassbender and his family moved to Ireland when he was two.

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