This glass calendar by French artist Hubert Le Gall isn't your average desk buddy

This glass calendar by French artist Hubert Le Gall isn't your average desk buddy

Heart of glass

Text: Adibah Isa

The oldest champagne house, Ruinart, has collaborated with French artist and scenographer Hubert Le Gall for a calendar like no other

While we've raved about our five favourite calendars last month, nothing quite tops this. A special installation for Art Stage Singapore happening this month, Ruinart has collaborated with French artist Hubert Le Gall for a glass calendar. Charting every month to document the journey of a humble grape that will become champagne, it's a collection of futuristic figurines bursting with emotive colours. French firefighters, take a back seat.

Like most wine and spirits organisations who wish to extend their influence beyond merry-making, Ruinart has associated themselves with creatives since the 19th century. In 1896, they commissioned Czech illustrator Alphonse Mucha to design their first advertising poster.

For Le Gall, it's his association with symbols that drew him in. To mimic the grape's journey of ever changing colour, transparency and luminosity, the artist found an equivalent through glass.

Made at Berengo studio in collaboration with Fondazione Berengo, the 12 structures are a sight to behold individually and collectively. For starters, January's interpretation mimics the white coat of snow that accumulates at the vine's feet. Pruning, however, still painstakingly continues in spite of the weather, shown in the silhouette. As winter progresses into spring, the artist documents this change of seasons with colour — white turns to blue — and form, where solids appear to melt. 

As the summer months arrive, vibrant hues are alit, signaling the start of flowering and then, seeding. Harvest is then reflected in September, a pivotal moment in the Chardonnay's journey where harvesters pick at the grapes that will later become champagne — in Le Gall's structure, glass bubbles froth in celebration. Finally, December signals the end of the journey, with the vine closing up hibernate.

This installation can be viewed at Art Stage Singapore 2016 at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 21 to 24 January.