What's a SMILF?

What's a SMILF?


Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

Meet Frankie Shaw, the woman behind Showtime's new comedy, SMILF

You know of MILFs — heck, you've probably seen a fair share in your lifetime, but are you familiar with SMILFs? That's 'Single Mother I'd Like to F**k', a term that's affectionately coined up by writer, actor and filmmaker Frankie Shaw. The 30-year-old's eight-episode comedy series, SMILF, is the talk of the town this week, its premiere giving Showtime the confidence it needs.

An adaptation of Shaw's Sundance award-winning film (it won the Short Film Jury Award for US fiction), the actor stars as Bridgette, a Bostonian single mom raising her mixed race child with the occasional visit from Mr. Baby Daddy. Rosie O'Donnell stars as her complicated mother, while she battles with her own mid-life crisis of sorts. Working as a tutor for a high society family, Bridgette still strives for a career in entertainment, enjoys her basketball games and indulges in fantasies of romance. While it's a laugh-out-loud, quick-witted comedy, it does touch on darker elements, like any television series worth its salt. Check out the trailer above.

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