Antoine Rose's aerial photography will inspire your next holiday destination

Up in the air

Antoine Rose's aerial photography will inspire your next holiday destination
A highlight of fotofever 2016 in Paris, Belgian photographer Antoine Rose captures the essence of wanderlust

What's not to love about aerial photography? There's perspective in distance, and when your entire being is simply reduced to a mere piece of confetti in this massive party we call Earth, these realisations unite: You're just like anybody else. A nobody. But hey, look at this beautiful world we live in.

It's a beauty that's been captured by the likes of photographers such as Gray Malin (whom we met in Bhutan), Tommy Clarke and Instagram favourite Gab Scanu. Belgian photographer Antoine Rose joins that list, having shot the vacation-friendly summer and winter locales of New York and Saint Moritz. Initially hired to shoot the kite-surfing world cup in Rio De Janeiro in 2002, the self-taught photographer then got the idea to capture urban dwellers from a height. This gave birth to the 'Up In The Air' series of shots that take place in the day and at night. Often shooting from a helicopter with its doors removed, the risk-taker composes his shots with the idea of using only two fields: The uncertain nature of a naturally-occurring landscape, together with the set patterns left by people. These aerial landscapes — with all its geometric patterns, colours and shapes — can even mimic abstract paintings.

Rose is one of the highlights of fotofever 2016, now in its fifth edition. Held in Paris, this year's fair features the collections of 75 international and French galleries, bringing lesser-known photographers to the limelight. It's a great way to hunt for new talent while acquiring new perspectives on what life is really all about. News flash: You're not that special, so why not buy a print as a daily reminder.

fotofever 2016 takes place from 11 to 13 November at Carrousel du Louvre at 99 Rue de Rivoli, Paris. For more information, click here. 

Text: Adibah Isa

  • Image:
    Antoine Rose,
    Xin Art Galerie
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