Five unforgettable moments from Maroon 5's Formula 1 Singapore concert

Five unforgettable moments from Maroon 5's Formula 1 Singapore concert

Sugar, yes please

Text: Adibah Isa

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All men are created equal — but surely extra time was granted to Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 frontman jumped, jived and rocked the Formula 1 stage last night, proving that he does move like Jagger

1. When Adam Levine showed some love to lead guitarist James Valentine.

Hey @jamesbvalentine You look good!!!!! #maroon5 #maroonvtour #maroon5sg #jamesbvalentine #jamesvalentine #f1nightrace #singaporegp

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It's not all about Adam Levine — Valentine showed off his prowess too. During Animals, where the guitar was the main focal point, it felt as though the lead guitarist was making love to his favourite Fender Telecaster with his fingers. He was delicate as he was aggressive, free-spirited as he was deliberate.

2. When Adam Levine insisted that the only way keyboardist PJ Morton would begin the opening notes of Sunday Morning was to have his name chanted

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Because of course, he wouldn't have it any other way. Levine rallied the crowd to chant "Hey PJ" before Morton played his piano opener for Sunday Morning, a song that no doubt everyone has in their heads when it's Sunday. Oh, and when it's raining too.

3. When the band came together for an acapella of the beginning lines of Payphone

Levine and his bandmates came together to sing an acapella rendition of Payphone, proving once again that despite their bells and whistles, it really just comes down to simple, relatable lyrics and great voices.

4. When Adam Levine took his shirt off.

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It's a striptease we didn't know we were in for. After coming on stage with a tank, jacket and jeans ensemble, the layers gradually decreased as the night went on. "It's hot as s**t," he lamented, echoing the sentiments of tens of thousands who were in attendance. Soon he was down to his jeans, as panties all over the Padang dropped in unison.

5. When Adam Levine took his shirt off AND played with his pink guitar.

Oh, Adam. As if singing topless wasn't enough, he took to his hot pink Ibanez Jem777SK and proved that he's not just a pretty face or a pair of pelvic muscles — the man can shred too.

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