Finding Strength in a very emotional year

Finding Strength in a very emotional year

We know you're in the feels and it's okay, we are too.

Text: Rahat Kapur

Image: Unsplash

Can anyone believe we've already hit the fifth month of this year and somehow, it feels like we're still enveloped in an extension of a never-ending 2020? As the familiar scrolls of annual memes resurface (cue JT & the gang's 'It's Gonna Be May, May the 4th Be With You) and we all battle to resist the urge to cry at the mini Phase 2 reprise impending from Saturday, it's no wonder the last twelve months have marked a series of emotional hallmarks in all our lives. From the highs of cases finally lowering last July and finally re-embracing freedom, to the lows of toilet paper being infinitely sold out for months on end, we've endured a lot Singapore and we've done it the best way we could: somewhat annoyed but never without the spirit of hope in our hearts.

We've had our patience tested on endless Zoom calls without audio when the mic was not on mute (yes, we can hear you Paul, stop saying hello!), attended enough virtual parties to put a SIM to shame and given up more collective data to House Party than we ever really wanted to, but what are terms and conditions when your entire life feels conditional on COVID? It hasn't all been doom and gloom of course. Some of us have blossomed and bloomed into the fittest versions of ourselves, emerging from the depths of lockdown with nothing short of Thor potential. Others of us have finally been forced to embrace the actual conversation functionality on dating apps and ask more questions of our potential matches than where they work and where to meet. We've cooked, we've baked, we've cocktail-mixed, we've five-person dined and 10:30pm curfew-ed. We've experienced the smorgasbord of human emotion, both individually and as a collective.

And here at BURO. Singapore, we're all about embracing these feels and celebrating their true worth in our lives. That's why, starting from today, for the remainder of 2021, will be exploring our theme for the year of 'Emotions', commencing with feeling all things strong and 'Strength' in May. Each month, we'll now bring you not just the stories you know and love from BURO. across fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle, but also a curated selection of unique stories, insights, conversations and features that focus around our emotion of the month, encapsulating the ups and downs of what it has to offer alongside some of Singapore, Asia and the world's contributing voices.

As we shift our perspectives from endurance to excitement in anticipation of the future, there is no more apt emotion to profile center stage than that of the notion of strength and feeling strong as we kick off our journey. No, this is not the kind of strength that requires numbers and weights to define its value and purpose in our lives, but rather a silent, unspoken one that emanates from our very existence as people during such an unprecedented time (sorry, had to use the word at least once). This the kind of strength that transcends physicality into the intangible, where you reach deep inside to hold yourself together, build yourself up, overcome your obstacles and define the essence of who you truly are so you can live life on your terms and empower others around you to do so too.

So be it the story of Singapore's top Basketball athletes and their immeasurable resilience to overcome barriers and rise to the top of their game in our island nation or the bold redefining of health standards by three plus-sized individuals giving the fitness industry a run for their reputation, brave non-binary voices turning the art of make-up into a symbol of powerful expression or even the reclaiming of the Hijab as a symbol of choice, strength and fortitude, this month we redefine what the notion of feeling strong means to modern millennial Singaporeans as we prepare for a post-pandemic world. You can find all our theme-relevant stories on our home-page as they drop weekly and if you miss one, search for them under the tag of 'Strength'.

For now though, I'm feeling a strong urge to mix a cocktail in preparation for Saturday. Hey, they said gyms were closed, not gins right?