Everything a man needs in his bachelor pad: Sculptural ceiling lights, Japanese steel knives, luxe linen sheets and more

Everything a man needs in his bachelor pad: Sculptural ceiling lights, Japanese steel knives, luxe linen sheets and more

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Text: Aravin Sandran

What's the first thing you notice when you come through a man's house? "The mess", says Buro's fashion editor Jolene Khor. Well, in that case, we've let the ladies down fellas. The list of pretty little things we've compiled below are certainly no replacement for a tidy home, so we'd suggest that it'd be best to start with Marie Kondo-ing the hell out of your apartment. After you're done with all that organisation and self-reflection, pick at least one of the objects below that best fits who you are as a young man. If you've got skills in the kitchen, show it off with a new set of Material Kitchen's made-in-Japan samurai-worthy instruments. If you intend to slay in bed, add a breathable linen fitted sheet to your repertoire. If you're looking for commitment, start in the toilet because nothing impresses more than a spotless potty.

Everything a man needs in his bachelor pad: Sculptural ceiling lights, Japanese steel knives, luxe linen sheets and more (фото 1)

Entrance: Stussy PVC Welcome Mat
First impressions count. Whether you're hosting a casual dinner with friends or bringing a lady friend over for a nightcap, your doorstep sets the tone for the rest of the evening. Raggedy old Birkenstocks flung across the floor alongside a dusty shoe rack only signals the hot mess that lies inside. Clean up your act with a potted plant (we heard juicy succulents are trending at the moment) and Stussy's rugged PVC Welcome mat cause streetwear is a lifestyle now apparently.

Living Room: TALA Voronoi Ceiling Light
Absolutely no one looks good under the harsh glare of white fluorescent lights. They wreak havoc on your monthly utility bills and drain the life out of everyone in the room. London-based studio TALA's designer ceiling lights, on the other hand, offer the intimacy of ambient, low-light moods. Made from mouth-blown glass and hand-assembled components, the sculptural statement bulbs are a conversation-starter themselves. Display them in a cluster in the living room and your guests would want to stay a little longer in your crib.

Kitchen: Material Kitchen The Iconics Set
There's nothing sexier than a man in the kitchen, or so I've heard. Whether you're butchering a cut of meat in the fashion of Salt Bae or carving up a roast on a Sunday, a good set of knives is the foundation for every Jamie Oliver wannabe. Material Kitchen's The Iconics Set comes with the essential 8" Japanese steel chef's knife, serrated 6" knife for bread (you'll be switching out plastic-wrapped slices of Gardenia for a sourdough loaf), the air whisk for getting that perfect scramble and then a couple more utensils to take your kitchen game to the next level.

Study Room: Anglepoise Desk Lamp
We wouldn't call it a man cave if it's a bachelor pad, but a fully-equipped study room complete with a stacked library is the measure of any decent man. Just imagine reclining in your Chesterfield armchair with a glass of whiskey on the rocks at the end of the day, instead of slumping on the sofa and watching re-runs of Friends on Netflix till you doze off. A favourite of British fashion designers Paul Smith and Margaret Howell, Anglepoise's Original 1227 cast-iron desk lamp oozes creative intellect appeal with its angular lines. Working late will be a little less of a pain.

Bedroom: Parachute Home Linen Sheet Set
Besides a sturdy mattress to withstand all the action you'll be getting after reading this, smooth sheets make all the difference in the world considering that it's the only thing in your apartment that has prolonged contact with your skin and body. While there are many who fond over the thread count of Egyptian cotton, set yourself apart with Parachute's European linen. Besides being long-wearing and breathable, it's finely rumpled nature adds a rather masculine charm that gets softer over time.

Toilet: Toto Washlet
Sitting on the toilet takes up the largest chunk of our time in the bathroom allegedly, so why can't it be not only a hygienic experience but also a comfortable one? The Japanese have been well-acquainted with the Toto washlet and now, you can too. Its lid opens as you approach it with its motion-detecting sensor and its contoured seat warms up to welcome your buttocks. After you're done, an adjustable spray cleans your rear-end and a gentle flow of warm air dries the area. That's not all, a deodorizer filter and purifies the air as you leave. Add on a pinewood toilet step tool, and all of a sudden, relieving yourself will be a plain sailing affair. You can thank us later.

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