Why Elodie Yung from The Defenders kicks butt in real life too


Text: Clara Tan

Image: Netflix,
Facebook | Elodie Yung

Spoiler alert: Elektra is back as the resident badass in Netflix's latest mini series

The Internet's been having quite a frenzy ever since The Defenders dropped on Netflix last weekend. We even came up with a quiz to feed the superhero fantasies within us all. While the attention's been all on the good guys, there's another character that has left us on the edge of our seats (for hours). Reintroducing Marvel's residential villian, Elektra. If you've been following the various series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you'd know the dangerous femme fatale was killed off in Daredevil season two. But alas, Elektra has returned from the dead — and taking over the role is French-Cambodian actress, Elodie Yung. Here's why the electrifying beauty is the perfect fit. 

The Defenders is now streaming on Netflix. Check out last week's #WomanCrushWednesday — Mariam Al Ferjani. 


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