Earth Day: 5 simple, inexpensive sustainable habits you can adopt

Earth Day: 5 simple, inexpensive sustainable habits you can adopt

Little by little

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

This Earth Day, empower yourself with the knowledge to inspire action that protects the environment. Here are some reminders to get you started

1. Pack your lunch in reusable containers
Hand over your Tupperware to the hawker auntie or uncle the next time you dabao lunch, and reuse your lunchbox when you whip up something yourself. Definitely say no to Styrofoam and plastic containers — when you get the latter, bring it home.

2. Cycle to work
Not only will this shed a few pounds and tone those buttcheeks for the greater good, it reduces your carbon footprint massively.

3. Choose the right clothes
We don't mean style-wise. It starts from the packaging — is it recyclable? Check whether the clothes are produced locally or part of a bigger organisation and if so, what their sustainability practices are.

4. Unsubscribe from junk mail
What's more annoying than a Nigerian prince harassing you over email to save his princess? Paper flyers or snail mail clogging your letterbox, which then clogs the rubbish bins and landfills.

5. Turn it off
The simplest and most menial of tasks can make a huge difference. Turn off your laptop when it's not in use, switch off the lights in the day and don't leave the water running when you're washing your dishes.