DJ Didi Han on Seoul’s best party spot and the Korean DJs you should check out

DJ Didi Han on Seoul’s best party spot and the Korean DJs you should check out


Text: Esther Soh

Image: Facebook | Soap Seoul

The plastic surgery capital has more to offer than catchy K-pop tunes, sappy dramas and colossal shopping experiences. South Korean DJ Didi Han chats to us before her Singapore debut

South Korea's vibrant and dynamic capital has a thriving nightlife scene like no other. Finding throngs of people wandering along the streets of Hongdae, Itaewon and Gangnam would be nothing out of the ordinary. While we all know how the music world has embraced K-pop's take over in the last decade, Seoul's music mecca is catapulting into newfound success through addictive mixes weaved together by luminescent synth lines and percussion beats.

Boasting sensational electronic mixes of house, hip-hop and R&B, Didi Han has unveiled her futuristic soundscapes at the hottest clubs such as Soap, Modeci, and Henz Club. With Seoul's underground music scene on a rampant rise, South Korean homegrown talents like Didi Han is the next big name you need to know.

How did your DJ name come about?
Actually, Didi Han used to be my nickname. My real name is Danbi Han. When I was in university, my English teacher called me D.D., short for 'Drunken Danbi' because I was always drunk and dancing during our school festival season. This nickname has stuck with me until now!

How would you describe your current musical style, with respect to influences from other artists and Seoul's underground music scene?
My current sound consists of mainly house, R&B and hip-hop. I would say that part of my inspiration comes from Mr Carmack, Jarreau Vandal, Sam Gellaitry and more. My good friends, Yann Cavaille and BRLLNT, are also DJs in Seoul who share a similar taste in music with me. Yann was my mentor when I first started out DJing and he changed my perception of being a DJ, and that improved my style of mixing.

What are your favourite spots to perform and party at in Seoul?
Soap Seoul. I always feel comfortable whenever I play there with my Pute Deluxe crew around! Soap also brings in international artists every weekend and the nights are always fun. I also have my own party called Peaches every two months there and I get to DJ with my friends.didi han soap seoul club
Who is a fellow DJ from Seoul who's currently on your radar?
C'est Qui. They are a house DJ duo and they organise parties in Seoul. One of them is an avid vinyl collector — who sometimes plays vinyl too. I find the duo's dynamics interesting because one of them is calm while the other is energetic, yet they both complement each other well.

Has your career in fashion shaped the way you approach music today?
Yes. When I studied fashion, I mainly discovered new music through fashion magazines and websites. I explored the music section of I-D magazine and was exposed to the different kinds of music used in fashion runway shows. I guess that's how it naturally influenced me to enjoy a diverse range of music genres. 

 ATTAGIRL! And Friends feat. Didi Han take places on 17 January, 10pm till late at Peaches Club Singapore. Check out last week's #WomanCrushWednesday here.