Dior releases visual novel ‘Jeune Fille en Dior’

Dior releases visual novel ‘Jeune Fille en Dior’

Historical fiction

Text: Varsha Sivaram

Image: Christian Dior

Looking back on the history of Dior since its first show, the label releases ‘Jeune Fille en Dior’

While graphic novels and high fashion seldom find association, Dior has combined the two for the visual novel Jeune Fille en Dior, illustrated by Annie Goetzinger.

Jeune Fille en Dior

The story begins on 12 February 1947, right before Dior's very first fashion show. Through the eyes of Clara, a young reporter, the story of the label's genesis at 30 Avenue Montaigne is told. While she's fictional, the buzz behind Dior's debut show was definitely not.

From the details of the defining Bar suit to the novel's protagonist Clara becoming a jeune fille (or house model), the novel is a mix of fact and fiction. The graphics are a refreshing alternative to common depictions of couture and the story will undoubtedly captivate any fashion enthusiast.