Black Mirror's Cristin Milioti is on our radar this week

Black Mirror's Cristin Milioti is on our radar this week


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Cristin Milioti is your unyielding woman warrior as she defies patriarchal systems in the galactic chambers of Netflix's dystopian drama. Here are five things you didn't know about Black Mirror's heroine

1. Nanette's Puffy 'Wig'
In the first episode of Netflix's fourth series, titled USS Callister, Milioti plays the newly-hired programmer Nanette Cole, who is thrown into a Star Trek-inspired simulation. In the show, Milioti sports a massive 18th century-like bouffant which also attracted the reclusive yet psychotic character, co-worker turned crewmate, Robert Daly. Daly's virtuosic coding, fused with his space fleet obsession led to a retro '60s space-themed depiction of Cole. What could have been a mere wig was challengingly tousled and tamed from scratch, comprising of up to two hours in the makeup chair every morning with additional assistance from artificial hair.

Cristin Milioti Netflix USS Callister

2. She was The Mother
The 32-year-old was introduced as 'The Mother' on CBS' How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) after keeping viewers in suspense for close to eight seasons. Milioti played a major role in one of American television's best-kept secrets that sustained viewers' attention for 208 episodes of undisputed quality storytelling. To uphold confidentiality while shooting Milioti's brief scenes with her on-air love Ted Mosby, all the extras were members of the series' production crew.

Cristin Milioti HIMYM Ted Mosby
3. Broadway girl
Besides juggling her fair share of small-screen television programmes such as A to Z as well as big-screen works like The Wolf of Wall Street, Milioti has also paved a triumphant career on Broadway. After dabbling in Broadway theatre productions The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Coram Boy and That Face, Milioti landed herself the lead role in Once as the Girl, a Czech immigrant and talented pianist living in Dublin. She doubled her success with a Tony Award nomination in 2012.
Cristin Milioti Once Girl Broadway
4. Jack of all trades, master of everything (except musical instruments)
She's an actress, a singer, and an instrumentalist — well, kind of. Although Milioti charms her audience with her melodious vocals, instruments were never her forte. With non-existent music theory and minimal piano skills, the actress dauntlessly practiced a classical and contemporary piece for 10 days straight in preparation for her final audition for the musical Once. Milioti had to showcase her musical qualifications for yet another hit role as bass guitarist Tracy McConnell who played in the band at Barney and Robin's wedding in HIMYM.

5. Keeping it natural
Being an advocate for all-natural, cruelty-free cosmetics, Milioti ensures that her skin is pampered with 100% organic skincare and makeup by staying clear of parabens and sulfates. "I'm a stickler about chemicals in beauty products. Most of the stuff I use is made from like, oatmeal, dirt and elf tears," she shared.
Cristin Milioti Organic Beauty

Black Mirror's fourth season is now streaming on Netflix.
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