Chinese New Year 2019: Dream home décor and interior makeovers the Buro. team wishes to have for the lunar celebrations

Chinese New Year 2019: Dream home décor and interior makeovers the Buro. team wishes to have for the lunar celebrations


Text: Aravin Sandran

Chinese New Year — or more grimly known among minorities as a complete shutdown of the country — is arriving soon on the fifth of February. By now, let's just assume you've already surmounted the tedious task of Marie Kondo-ing the shit out of your closets, kitchen and garage. And if you haven't, that's perfectly fine too; we've got one, two or a million things lying around as well

Since there are three whole weeks before the first guest shows up at the door with scrotum-skinned Mandarin oranges and abysmal five-dollar red packets, switch on Queer Eye on Netflix and recline back onto your giant floor piles  vino in-hand obviously  and daydream about all the #interiorgoals we'll never be able to replicate in our pigeon-hole HDB flats and condominiums.Still from In The Mood For Love (2000), directed by Wong Kar-Wai and starring Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung

"The apartment I live in doesn't need a CNY makeover; it needs a CNY makeunder. My landlady put up the red lanterns, wall decals and banners when we first moved in six years ago... and never took them down. It's basically CNY all day err day over here. Send help." 
— Jolene Khor, Fashion & Beauty Editor


"I'd love to give my bedroom a facelift à la Diana Vreeland's Billy Baldwin-decorated "Garden in Hell" parlour. Perhaps waking up to a field of vision that's entirely aggression-augmenting red would give me a much-needed jolt, to be bolder and more assertive."
— Ryan Sng, Fashion Writer
Still from The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

"I love to set up a nice little tent in the middle of my room so it will provide me a quiet spot for me to hide away from "Boy, you got a girlfriend already or not" relatives."
— David Bay, Videographer


"I learnt that the more stuff you have, the harder the cleaning gets. Also, you tend to lose track of what the initial design narrative was supposed to be. Please give me a clean slate on my living room: solid couch for napping, OLED TV, floor-to-ceiling windows and definitely a stylish floor rug."
— Janice Sim, Associate Lifestyle Editor


"While I might not be technically celebrating Chinese New Year, who says a young Indian man can't dream of receiving thick ang paos from thicc aunties and eating a Tupperware load of premium pineapple tarts till his throat is sore while lounging in his lush millennial-pink BTO flat."
— Aravin Sandran, Culture Editor

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