What to do when everything is closed on Chinese New Year

What to do when everything is closed on Chinese New Year

(well, almost everything)

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

An inclusive guide for the other 25% of Singapore who won't be wearing red this Chinese New Year

1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a good cry at the cinema 
The Projector presents its Anti-Valentine celebrations, screening some seriously f*cked up love stories like Closer, (500) Days of Summer and Kramer vs. Kramer. Grab a fellow singleton and toast to better days — at least you’re alone and not in a miserable relationship. 

2. Host a tea party 
Aussie tea favourites T2 have a wide range of Chinese New Year-themed teas that make great gifts or an indulgent stay-home treat with your friends who don’t have to go visiting. Serve the China Lychee, a blend of Keemun and lychee fruit with Chinese black tea in T2’s Tamago Gata Egg Cast Iron Teapot, or their Gold Pineapple Teapot for a hipster-approved session. 

3. Dive into some blue balls 
The world's first indoor suspended net playground stays open for the holidays. You’ve already seen clips of the Airzone at City Square Mall making its rounds on Facebook, and it’s about time you give it a go. Here’s hoping it won’t be as crowded when 75% of the population’s away on home visits. With bouncy balls and giant Zorb balls, you’re guaranteed a ball of a time. Pun shamelessly intended.


4. Learn about the story of rice 
If you’re not in the mood to Netflix and chill (we all have those days), perhaps it’s time for a BBC break. BBC Lifestyle on StarHub channel 432 is all about the Asian sensations this week. There’s nothing else that's quite central to the Asian identity than our love for rice — follow Irish celebrity chef Rachel Allen as she visits Japan to learn about this great grain in The Story of Rice. You’ll probably be inspired to whip up a healthier alternative dish after.

The Story of Rice

5. Make the most out of your iPhone
And we don’t mean staying in and glueing yourself onto the small screen. Head to Apple at Orchard for a photo walk and learn how to use the advanced features in the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. Capture something else beyond lanterns and dogs while you explore a new lens with Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting and the new Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure features in Live Photos.

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