Huat ah: Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations across the globe

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Huat ah: Chinese New Year 2016 celebrations across the globe
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1. London, England


Lanterns are brought over from China for display at the 65-acre Chiswick House And Gardens in West London. Giant illuminated versions of the Imperial Palace and Terracotta Army are among the lanterns featured, which also include animals in the Chinese zodiac.

2. Guangzhou, China


People in Guangzhou take flowers pretty seriously — giving flowers, potted plants and bouquets to family and friends is a major tradition for Chinese New Year, with various flowers denoting different wishes. Here, the New Year flower market presents illuminated arch entrances.

3. Aceh, Indonesia


Baby turtles are released at Lampuuk Beach in light of Fang Sheng, a practice that upholds the release of living organisms. A ritual for compassion and conversation, "Fang" means "to release", while sheng means "living creatures".

4. Hanoi, Vietnam


In Vietnam, Chinese New Year is known as Tet. Before that, a prep for Tet is Kitchen God Day, where believers prepare a grand farewell for three Deities on their journey to the Heavens. At Hoan Kiem Lake, a man prepares to release three golden carps — the Deities can only travel up to the heavens with the help of the trio.

5. Brussels, Belgium


The first time such a big parade was organised in Brussels, Belgium's Chinese community came together in Brussels centre to welcome the year of the monkey, with 400 artists participating in traditional dance, music and martial arts.

6. New York, USA


The Empire State Building lights up in red and gold as fireworks burst over the Hudson River. In New York, sites such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrate with puppet performances, paper cutting workshops and hand-pulled noodle demonstrations, while other venues see firecracker ceremonies, zodiac scavenger hunts and erhu performances.

7. Los Angeles, USA


At the Beverly Center, one of Southern California's premier shopping centres, a wishing tree holds wishes for the new year — held in red packets, of course. Each year, invited guests of Asian descent grace the official celebrations. Pretty Little Liars' Janel Parrish — who's half Chinese — pens her wishes on the cherry blossom-filled tree.

8. Mexico City, Mexico


A woman wears a hat with well wishes as she rings in the year of the monkey. Hosted by Mexito City's Chinatown, the celebrations happen right smack in the historical centre of Dolores Street.

9. Glasgow, Scotland


Glasgow's first ever Chinese New Year celebrations, participants and viewers soak in the festive spirit at George Square despite the bad weather. Members of the Chinese community dressed in traditional dress, with painted faces as well.

10. Pretoria, South Africa


Dancers perform at Nan Hua Temple, one of the largest Buddhist temples in Africa. The place of worship also hosts the Chinese Cultural Festival, which offers samplings of Cantonese and Taiwanese food and Chinese handicraft sessions such as lantern painting.

Text: Adibah Isa

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