Buy This #1: Angan floor-stand shelf by alvinT

Buy This #1: Angan floor-stand shelf by alvinT

Citizen cane

Text: Tracy Phillips

Image: Artling

From sublime furniture for the home to nifty accessories for the office, contributing editor Tracy Phillips brings you the most refined, innovative and spectacular art and design objects from across Asia

When most people think of cane furniture, it conjures up 19th-century colonial designs that have been copied ad nauseam or peacock chairs and tiki bars of the seventies that scream retro. It's a shame since this material continues to be perfect for our tropical climes  airy, lightweight and resistant to warping in the heat and humidity, unlike solid wood.

This was why I was completely taken with Indonesian designer, Alvin Tjitrowirjo's cane designs that are created under his furniture design company, alvinT. Shaped like a giant birdcage, the Angan shelf in particular — which comes in either a hanging or standing option — is constructed with ten natural rattan poles and three matte brass shelves that are bound together by vegetable-dyed leather straps.

Taking its name from the Indonesian word that means wishful, this sculptural and original design manages to look both contemporary and classic, mirroring Tjitrowirjo's deeper motivation — to capture the tension between the hopes of progress and the fear of changing that he thinks encages many Indonesians at the moment.

First exhibited at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan in 2016, the Angan will undoubtedly add whimsy to any room and become a focal point, along with the precious items you choose to display on it.

The Angan floor-standing shelf by alvinT is available for purchase and delivery in Singapore via The Artling.