#BringYourOwnPillow: BooksActually presents The 24-Hour Bookstore Event

#BringYourOwnPillow: BooksActually presents The 24-Hour Bookstore Event

An all-nighter

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: BooksActually

The independent bookstore's all-nighter returns from 10 to 11 July, with launches and readings from 7pm to 2am

This Friday, head to the hipster enclave of Tiong Bahru for a nightlife experience like no other. Literary purveyors BooksActually will be hosting their 24-hour event again, which sees a return of familiar faces amid book launches and readings, as well as copious amounts of otahs and satays.

Singapore-centric stories feature heavily in this installment, proudly presented by homegrown authors. Audrey Chin launches Nine Cuts, a selection of short stories which includes one of a cannibal picking up a ghoul at a local market. For something which reminds us of the iconic floating plastic bag scene in American Beauty, Balik Kampung by Verena Tay tells of how a red plastic bag in Neee Soon reveals who you are — stay on for the cast of readers featuring other lit-chicks including Dora Tan and Rosemarie Somaiah. 

If you're after bigger names, Cyril Wong will also be launching and reading The Lover's Inventory. We're also looking forward to spoken word household name Pooja Nansi who'll deliver her heartfelt, witty prose — featuring John Legend as one of her subjects:

John Legend is stalking us

His voice like sandpapered chocolate 
seems to blare out of speakers, surround sound systems, my car radio.
In shopping malls, the petrol pump, your ex girlfriend's wedding.
Our own private serenader, the man runs fingers up and down bars 
while we run tabs of whiskey and dirty talk
of your tongue raising goose bumps from behind my earlobe,
slide to neck, collarbone, detour at bellybutton and down...
into puddles of molten mocha love.
In between soft sugar spicy sweet musicman kisses
I barely have time to ask how come
John Legend finds us everywhere we go 
before you start playing me like a hot heavy piano. 

BooksActually will be opened for 24 hours from 10 to 11 July. More info here