Book Club: Staff at The Moon bookstore and café pick their favourite paperbacks and hardcovers

Book Club: Staff at The Moon bookstore and café pick their favourite paperbacks and hardcovers

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Editor: Aravin Sandran

This is our founder Sarah. The lady who steers The Moon. All of us love her. Dune has had a massive impact on her life. Here, she holds the very sacred Barnes & Noble hardcover. Its cover and content are as mesmerising and enchanting as the lady who's holding it. This isn't just the Frank Herbert sci-fi classic; it's an exclusive edition that is a truly exquisite find.

Jenjy works on our retail floor and keeps our gram looking pretty while she pursues her degree in philosophy and art history. Her recommendation, Sophie's World: A Novel About the History of Philosophy, is a story that could mimic the thoughts Jenjy has at 3am as she pours over paragraph after paragraph exploring and discovering perspectives of universal truths and existential questions (and their not-so-satisfying answers). A riveting tale of philosophy from Plato in the Acropolis to a full-on existential juxtaposition that twists your perception, this book is an absolute banger for evenings sipping tea and plunging into deep thought.

Meet our beautiful book buyer — and in-house bibliomaniac — Marissa, who has had a hand in multiple aspects of publishing since her first bookstore gig at 18. "Dystopian feminist settings are my literary kryptonite, and The Water Cure has one of the best in recent memory  a desert island book-in-the-making that's actually set on a desert island. Three sisters live in cultish exile among the remains of a fading resort hotel, ruled by an obsession with Victorian therapies that are meant to protect them against the environmentally toxic world of men. When their father vanishes without a trace and three shipwrecked strangers appear suddenly on the beach, what determines their survivability is the tyranny of love among women who are vulnerable and villainous in equal measure. I read it in a single breathless sitting like I was chasing an apparition to the ends of the earth. Then I read it again." 

Getting hit by a car once never stopped her, in fact, it gave Rae superpowers. When she is not writing plays during her free time, she helps out with retail and ensures the events that we bring you always get your IG stories on standby. Her pick for you is Sharlene Teo's debut novel, Ponti. A book that spans across generations between three women set in our tropical home of Singapore. 

Abby probably works the floor at The Moon to escape her fear of pigeons. The psych undergrad prescribes the Forgotten Women series for your next go-to read. Zing Tseng (UK editor for Broadly) writes about the history of important women — the ones we have to truly thank for preventing the world from plunging into bloody hell. Each book focuses on a different sector. The first two are The Leaders and The Scientists. Fun fact: if you're ever pelted by bird poop right outside The Moon's doors, you're always welcome to use our washroom to clean up and we'll have a free cuppa waiting for you by the time you're done. 

When she's not hoarding cardboard — she claims it's for art — Hanae whips up content for our socials and is a member of our retail staff. Today, she recommends the kid-friendly reimagining of A History of Pictures for Children. Think of it as a conversation between friends who love art and creating it. The book is all about how visual art has evolved over the centuries of human existence: from light to computer imaging. 

When she is not working and making people smile at The Moon, Aqilah works with children and refugee communities. The maiden shall be pursuing her Masters in Art Therapy soon and sends you a surge of self-love energy virtually. She recommends the amazing story of Frida Khalo told through the critically acclaimed Little People, BIG DREAMS series. 

Meet JQ, our first Moon maiden and co-founder. After spending the last few years soul-searching, she is committed to bringing her passion in the arts to people everywhere. "I appreciate all things human, and art and philosophy are centrifugal to what I admire. Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow is a stark projection of human history, our different meanings of life and how we face the future as we attempt to control every aspect of living. It may sound dystopian or it may be a blessing. What would happen if one day the things we seek to control end up controlling us? Or what will happen if humans try too hard at playing god?" 

Meet the wonderful Val. She has been in the coffee industry for 4 years and is our cafe and ops head. Her pick is The World Atlas of Coffee, a book for coffee lovers and baristas, veteran or new. "The World Atlas of Coffee gives an in-depth insight into coffee. As a new barista, coffee concepts are easy to comprehend but difficult to implement. This book cast me into a psychedelic spell because there are stories to be told in every different origin  the terrain, climate, rainfall and temperature." 

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