Get inspired by Björk's experimental style

Get inspired by Björk's experimental style

Pleasantly outré

Text: Clara Tan

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Besides being an extremely talented singer, Björk's knack for exploring and pushing the envelope goes beyond her musical abilities

Peculiar. Provocative. Genius.

Over her three decade-long solo career, the former member of The Sugarcubes has proven to be a creative force of genius, mixing different genres of music and telling lyrical stories we can't express. Besides her musical inclinations, 51-year-old Björk's provocative sartorial choices has also put her on the map. The Icelander doesn't go through the raunchy route performers tend to do — instead, she opts for an in-your-face ensemble that employs different materials you wouldn't normally expect. She's no stranger to the worst dressed list, but why should she care when she's a music, art, and style cognoscenti?

Ahead of the film screening that will showcase her Biophilia tour, here's a look at how Björk has brilliantly used materials not typically meant for clothes as, well, clothes:

1. Balloons
We'd never imagined we'd see a pompom hat this big, but Björk made it work with her shimmering fuschia dress with what seems to be made up of Mylar — a material used to make your helium balloons.


2. Metals
Who said only superheroes can wear metal? The singer does the impossible by wearing it across her torso, blended with different textures. We're also loving the sweep of blye on her lids.


3. Sea urchins
Okay, while it's not the actual sea creature, this sea urchin-esque mask is a futuristic nod to all the things we don't understand, but want to welcome anyway.


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