Stressed at work? There's somewhere in Raffles where you can flip the table

Stressed at work? There's somewhere in Raffles where you can flip the table

100% done

Text: Adibah Isa

Archifest 2016 returns with a Pavilion at Raffles Place Park where you can flip the table if you need to keep calm and carry on

100% done with work? Just can’t even? We’ve all been there, and there’s only so much our work “frenemies/bffs” and vices (for us media folks, these come in the form of free booze and sample sales) can help. Well, design consultancy Chemisty might just have the answer coming soon to Raffles Place Park — you know, the epicenter for lunchtime gossip sessions and post-work sob fests.

For Archifest 2016, they’ve created #FlipTable, a handy solution for employees to vent their frustrations. Inspired from scenes in iconic movies such as A Clockwork Orange, Pulp Fiction,Die Hard, Citizen Kane and Titanic (among others — check out the video montage above), they’ve created a handy device that allows you to express your negativity in a physical way that’s still very much healthy, and most importantly, safe. 

#FlipTable is one of the many installations housed within the Archifest Pavilion, a gallery and event space that’s similar in concept to the world famous Serpentine Pavilion that takes place every summer in London. Returning this year with the theme “Exhale”, the technicolour wonder invites visitors to discover to an alternative world within the concrete jungle of the CBD.

We all know stress can be destructive when not managed well. But when you’re given a table to destruct and a bunch of enablers cheering you on, why not take a deep breath, exhale and do some damage? You deserve it.

#FlipTable by Chemistry will be available on 23 September, 27 September and 3 October from 11.30am to 2pm at Archifest Pavilion @ Raffles Place Park. Admission is free.