The one thing you need for your house parties this festive season

The one thing you need for your house parties this festive season

An apple a day

Text: Adibah Isa

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Don't have anything concrete planned for the house parties you're hosting? Here are 5 ways Apple TV can help

1. Dinner prep just got easier
Fancy an Italian-themed Christmas? Kitchen Stories pretty much has the answer to all food-related questions, and best of all, the app is free. From showing step-by-step cutting techniques to mastering basic sauces and making pasta from scratch, it's almost as though you have a virtual Nigella Lawson right there with you. There are also themed menus if you'd like to begin your dinner with some street food-inspired canapés or prepare a vegan alternative for that one friend. 


2. Your friends can pretty much entertain themselves
While you slave away in the kitchen — of course, you're the self-appointed Monica of the group — your friends can keep themselves occupied with the Songpop Party Music Quiz app, which will put their pop culture skills to the test. The goal at every party is to tear them away from their phones, and if there has to be one screen to look at, it should be shared. Once they're in the mood, there's bound to be someone who'll grab the nearest instrument and start jamming. 


3. You'll be spoilt for choice with over 6,000 apps on Apple TV
Whether your friends are into dystopian futures, enchanted forests or racing the meanest of machines, Apple TV is your one-stop centre for games that will appeal to even the most non-competitive of spirits. We recommend Happy Tennis, which can involve up to four players so nobody will feel left out. It's definitely a notch above traditional games we used to play when resources were lacking. If you've been playing some games on your iPad or iPhone, you can easily continue where you've left off on your Apple devices without missing a beat.


4. You don't need to have pens and papers lying around
It's going to be 2017. While we're all for the sanctity of handwritten love letters and thank you cards, it doesn't make sense to have that much clutter lying around at a party. You've already gone digital with charades (thanks, Ellen DeGeneres!), so why not give pictionary the Apple TV treatment? SketchParty TV takes artistry to the next level by utilising your fastest fingers first. If anything, drawing on a screen makes it all the more challenging.


5. Post-party cleansing just got interesting
Meditation and fitness apps are aplenty on Apple TV, with Streaks Workout being our favourite. While it might be tempting to stay in bed the morning after, get your overnight guests involved as well. After all, wasn't losing weight one of your resolutions for 2017? Unless you've given up entirely — if that's the case, then pick a few movies to marathon your weekend away. 


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