Anggun from Asia's Got Talent is a pretty big deal in France, too

Anggun from Asia's Got Talent is a pretty big deal in France, too


Text: Kimberly Kiong

Image: Apple

Before Anggun's showcase in Singapore this week, get to know these 5 accolades that have impressed the other side of the world

1. Number one on the French radio charts
Born and raised in Jakarta, Anggun, born Anggun Cupta Sasmi, is fluent in Bahasa Indonesia, English and French. She has been writing songs since she was seven years old in her native language. After releasing 5 studio albums and founding her own record label in Indonesia by the time she turned 20, she went on to challenge herself after encountering a creative malaise. Making the leap to London and France, she aspired to achieve international fame, which she did. Her first French single 'La neige au Sahara' (which translates to 'Snow on the Sahara' in English) peaked at number one on the French radio charts.

2. Top 50 regular
With a slew of accolades accummulated in the past 31 years, this 43-year-old singing sensation is one of Asia's best-selling artistes. At just 15, her single 'Mimpi' caught on Rolling Stone Indonesia's radar and was ranked as one of Indonesia's greatest 150 songs. But she's no one-hit wonder. She went on to release 5 more French albums that each entered the French top 50 charts. 

3. Almost Bond girl
Slaying the charts and front covers of magazines, she was approached to be a Bond girl in The World is Mine and High Fidelity but she rejected the offer. "I was born a singer," she commented. "I won't go into another profession, because I think there are still many people out there who were born to be movie stars or models. My calling is music."
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4. Goodwill ambassador
Apart from doing the world good with her power vocals in hits like 'Snow On The Sahara' and 'Still Reminds Me', she gives back to the community as United Nations' Goodwill ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

5. Hot Mama
On 8 November 2007, the Asia's Got Talent judge introduced her pride and joy, Kirana Cipta Montana, to the world. As Anggun's daughter and harshest critic, she was caught falling asleep when she went to one of her mother's concerts.

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Anggun will be at In Conversation With Asia's Got Talent Judges on 6 December, 4pm till 5 pm at ArtScience Museum's Expression Gallery and will be performing a special showcase on 8 December, 7pm till 9pm at Apple Orchard Road.
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