Andy Warhol's Pop Art gets a pop-up at Scotts Square

Consumerism comes home

Andy Warhol's Pop Art gets a pop-up at Scotts Square
Warhol's works in the consumer complex that is Scotts Square is what the artist would have wanted. Here are our three favourites from the pop-up by art gallery Collectors Contemporary

1. Myths Trial Proof, 1981

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You often see reproductions of Warhol's famed works around pop culture — the ones with Campbell soup, Marilyn Monroe and a banana — and frankly, it's tricky to keep the art crowd interested in yet another exhibition from this over-viewed (we're not calling it overrated — that might split hairs) artist. However, his trial proofs still possess intrigue.

Each trial proof print is the only one with its particular colour combination and composition. Only printed once, no two trial proofs are alike. Before an edition is finalised, the proofs would be reviewed to decide which one is selected as an editioned print. In this portfolio of 10, Warhol selects snippets definitive of an all-American childhood in the face of mass media.

2. Ads - Life Savers, 1985

Lifesavers Andy Warhol

"I really do live for the future," said Warhol once. "Because when I'm eating a box of candy, I can't wait to taste the last piece." 

And live for the future he did, what with the recent craze around the advertising industry. To us, Mad Men has nothing on Warhol. The latter has been pushing out bright, trademark advertisements for iconic American products for years, and this Life Savers print is one of our top picks. A classic candy over in the US, it's only right that the master of all things pop culture made an enduring advertisement for the brand.

3. Self Defense, 1985 - 86

Self Defense, Andy Warhol

Another one from his collection of ads, this sees his return to a black and white palette in 1985 and 1986. Part of his series of black and white paintings, it was largely based on scraps of advertising found in classified ads and flyers collected over the '60s, which Warhol uses to mirror the anxieties of society then. It's not just an ad, though — although the crude texts remain, the photomechanical transposition of the image has been replaced with a drawn interpretation, suggesting that there's more than what meets the eye. 

WARHOL: The Pop-Up Gallery is located at #01-06/07 Scotts Square till 25 September.

Text: Adibah Isa

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