#ManCrushMonday: Adam Bakri

#ManCrushMonday: Adam Bakri

Taking the stage

Text: Meera Navlakha

Image: Getty Images

Haven't heard of Adam Bakri? The Palestinian-Israeli actor has gained international recognition for his roles in two major-motion pictures, as well as in the New York theatre scene. Here’s what you need to know about him

1. He’s a trained theatre student
Coming from an entertainment family, the 27-year-old completed his education at Tel Aviv University, in Israel, where he double-majored in English Literature and Theatre Arts. He then came to New York City, where he trained at the Lee Strasberg institute for two years, earning another certificate in the field.

2. He’s most known for his role in Omar
The Oscar-nominated 2014 film shot Bakri to international status for his portrayal as a romantic struggling to be with the person he loves. The Palestinian drama was given recognition throughout awards season in the year of its release, with Bakri special praise for Bakri.

3. He currently calls New York home
Despite traveling constantly, the actor calls New York City — in particular, the East Village —his home. He’s said that living in the city has helped perfect his English, though his accent still fluctuates depending on where he is at the time.

4. He’s done the majority of his stunts
In a conversation with Interview, the actor revealed that most of his stunts in Omar were done by himself. It required a large amount of preparation prior to the movie being filmed, with a stunt double only being used once.

5. His latest role is in acclaimed director Asif Kapadia’s new film
Ali and Nino, released in 2016, sees Bakri in a lead role opposite María Valverde, a Spanish actress. Both leads were praised for their chemistry in the movie inspired by a 1937 book of the same name about a romance between a Muslim Azerbaijani boy and Christian Georgian girl in Baku, Azerbajian's capital.


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