A new book chronicles Singapore's best buildings from past to present

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A new book chronicles Singapore's best buildings from past to present
In Architecture and the Architect: Image-making in Singapore, Do Not Design and the Singapore Memory Project present a tribute to our national identity

When was the last time you walked down a street in Singapore that did not have construction works going on? Our red dot might be little, but it houses an architectural landscape that's fast-changing — for better or worse. This publication recognises the anxiety towards this, and seeks to craft a tribute and reminder of the choices we make to strengthen our national identity.

Golden Mile Tower and interview with Goh Hock Guan

Published earlier this month, Architecture and the Architect: Image-making in Singapore is written and edited by Dawn Lim from Virginia Who, a Singapore-based independent writing house focusing on architectural and design-focused research. The 260-page hardback book is careful not to be a critic. Instead, it celebrates 40 buildings including shopping malls, offices, institutional spaces, public housing and private residential developments.

Architecture and the Architect


Featuring a collective gathering of voices, essays and interviews with architects including William Lin and Alfred Wong can be found. But it's not just the image-makers who are heard — anecdotes from the likes of residents, tenants, shopkeepers as well as security officers come together to celebrate what makes Singapore, Singapore.

Architecture and the Architect

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Text: Adibah Isa

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