5 things to know about Cary Joji Fukunaga, the new James Bond director

5 things to know about Cary Joji Fukunaga, the new James Bond director

Rising star

Text: Renée Batchelor

Image: Getty Images

The director of acclaimed HBO series True Detective and Netflix's Beasts of No Nation proves that beauty and talent can co-exist in one hot package

We're the first to admit that seeing someone of Cary Joji Fukunaga's (ahem) pedigree behind, instead of in front of the camera, is a bit of a shocker. Although there's more to life than being just really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking (in the words of Derek Zoolander), we can't help but wonder if that face is squandered in this case.

After all, it's very rare for a film and television director — one who has worked with the likes of Michael Fassbender and Matthew McConaughey — to look as good as his leading men. Plus Fukunaga has been known to rock both a man bun and twin braids (see above) so he's a bit of a hair icon as well. But we won't bore you by waxing lyrical on the half-Japanese, half-Swede's pulchritudinous charms. Here are five things you need to know about this up-and-comer.

He won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series in 2014
For those who caught the first season of the acclaimed, detective noir HBO series True Detective, a certain six-minute long single take in a key episode might have won your admiration. Displaying both technical skill and dazzling assurance, Fukunaga is also a writer and cinematographer.

He's proof that Michelle Williams only dates talented men
He briefly dated actress Michelle Williams in 2011 if tabloid photos are to be believed. After the untimely death of her Oscar-winning partner Heath Ledger, Williams went on to dalliances with writer-director-actor Spike Jonze, actor Jason Segel and acclaimed author Jonathan Safran Foer. She has since married songwriter Phil Elverum. We recognise her type and we approve.

He's into sports
Of course, Fukunaga would have other skills besides writing and directing. Because God is fair that way. He's was a semi-professional snowboarder, but decided to go into film as it was a more viable long-term career option.

His first job was as a camera PA for the Survivor music video by Destiny's Child
Looks like he worked with another (less talented) Michelle Williams way back when. #PoorMichelle. We won't hold that against him. Everyone's got to start somewhere.

He returned to the jungle for his last movie
Fukunaga must have an official membership in the Handsome Men's Club, because for his last directorial effort, he teamed up with another Buro #ManCrush Idris Elba for the Netflix original film Beasts of No Nation. Displaying a preference for somewhat harrowing material — check out his directorial debut Sin Nombre (2009) which won a Sundance award for direction and his remake of Jane Eyre (2011) —  this outing too was darker than a Rihanna music video.