18 things that turn 18 in 2018

Cult favourites

Text: Esther Soh

Image: Facebook | Baha Men,
Facebook | The Princess Diaries,
Facebook | Ricky Martin,
Facebook | Survivor,
Facebook | Books N Toys,
Facebook | Siddle77,
Facebook | Dan Brown,
Facebook | 孫燕姿 Sun Yanzi,
Facebook | Decipher Forensics,
Facebook | In the Mood for Love,
Facebook | Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie,
Facebook | Jamila “The Beauty Store” Makeup and more,
Facebook | Britney Spears Latinoamérica,
Facebook | Anastasia Beverly Hills,
Getty | Jennifer Lopez

Dive back into 2000. Here are 18 things that celebrate their 18th anniversary this year to remind yourself of how old you really are


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