10 best Instagrams from the finals of Formula 1 Singapore

10 best Instagrams from the finals of Formula 1 Singapore

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Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Getty Images

As we celebrate Sebastian Vettel's win and the end of road closures, we uncovered Instagrams which offered another side of the finals and their festivities

1. Narelle Kheng and Sandra Riley Tang backstage before The Sam Willows' set at the Coyote stage.

Instagram | @narellekheng

2. The Singapore Airlines bear takes his seat early to watch the finals.

Instagram | @singaporeair

3. In pure fanboy form, a spectator at home watches the finals wearing his Richard Mille special edition Singapore Grand Prix timepiece.

Instagram | @eonov

4. A race staff strikes a pose before the finals.

Instagram | @mrdhyhz

5. You're on candid camera: The moment that made everyone watching gasp and clap slowly in unison. Yes, it actually happened — last we heard, he's now arrested.

Instagram | @egondoof

6. Host Yvette King realises she's the dancing girl emoji at The Podium Lounge.

Instagram | @vettyking

7. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel jumps for joy — quite literally — celebrating his win at first place.

Instagram | @fansofsebvettel

8. A fan shares her love for Bon Jovi during their set, which ended the festivities.

Instagramm | @zanniezannzann

9. The crowd chants the chorus of Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name, heard from the 65th floor of Swissôtel the Stamford.

10. A fan cools off after it's all over — with the help of a truckload of ice cubes.

Instagram | @natalie_pinkham