World Cup 2018: What does football mean in your country?

World Cup 2018: What does football mean in your country?

Oodles of doodles

Text: Adibah Isa

Google asks the doodlers for the World Cup 2018 on what football means in each country. Here are our favourites

This World Cup 2018, we're delighted by the beautiful game, perfect specimens of men as well as Google's daily doodles from 32 artists. Each day, Google switches up their doodle to represent what football means to each country and how its celebrated through a colourful cast of characters. Featuring lesser-known creatives as well as artists who have worked for famous brands, each doodle is a welcome surprise the second you enter your browser. Here are five highlights which compare the artist's first sketch to the completed doodle. Cue fun slidey things (only available on desktop)!

"For the majority in France, football is something we have in our heart since childhood (whether it's through fuss-ball, collecting cards of players, playing together in the mud even if it's raining, video games, TV etc). It's an opportunity for people to gather to either play or cheer for their team. Football in France will always echo to the worldcup victory of 1998 and the color blue! Allez les bleus!!" - Helene Leroux 

"If this doodle doesn't boost the team into the final it will at least boost our sausage sales." - Chragi Frei

South Korea
"Soccer has been and remains as one of the favorite sports of Korean people. We tend to look at soccer matches and see beyond a sport. When the soccer team wins a game, people also feel the pride for the country surge. Soccer, like many other sports, really brings Korean people together in unison, and the performance of the national team at the 2002 World Cup still remains as a legend for many people in Korea." - Subin Yang 

"For Japan, football is a familiar sport that is used as a subject of comics and animation. Children playing football have their own dream of becoming a hero one day by touching such things." - Shinji Tsuchimochi

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