You've never looked at Singapore buildings this way before

Colour me pretty

Text: Adibah Isa

Artist William Sim is the "Merchant of Happiness" who wants to make your day better through his drawings

Want to have a look at what Happiness Private Limited might look like? Scroll above through William Sim's works and you might just have an idea. In this climate of dreary weather, depressing news and esoteric, high-brow art that segregates communities, it's refreshing when someone presents a whimsical, playful look at modern Singapore.

The 50-year-old graduate is no stranger to making people smile through his works. His colouring book for adults delighted those looking for a local spin to the fad that rose two years ago, with quirky characters any Singaporean would recognise. With a style that combines nature and mechanical objects, he depicts a fantasy world that reeks of positivity and optimism — all for the better. The artist even brands himself as the "Merchant of Happiness" — a tall order, if you ask us, but upon closer inspection, we wouldn't have it any other way.

In 'Memory Houses', he's lost the concept of gravity, turning things upside down and playing up shapes and proportions. You'll recognise Fort Canning Park, Old Kallang Airport and playgrounds from your childhood in his new series of works that reconstruct some of Singapore's iconic architectural icons. This is home, truly.

Till 12 November. Check out Utterly Art for more.


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