#SaturdaySessions: Our favourite Instagram photographers

#SaturdaySessions: Our favourite Instagram photographers

Top 10 list

Text: Norman Tan

Image: @ioegreer | Instagram

Because there's nothing like spending 15 minutes filtering the crap out of your image to discover that someone else has done it better. Let these Instagrams be your gripe and your inspiration

1. @scottcbakken

Expect plenty of snow-capped mountains, frozen lakes and grand wilderness from this Calgary native. And, every now and then, Scott stands on top of his 4WD in the middle of a deserted road. As you do.   

@scottcbakken instagram

2. @chuck

Photographer Chuck Lang captures the enigmatic beauty of the female form set against the beauty of natural landscapes with soft light, minimal makeup, and raw vulnerability. Stunning.


@chuck instagram

3. @alice_gao

This NYC-based photographer has a knack of elevating everyday moments into works of art. From top-down morning coffee shots to empty chairs at empty tables, Alice is a master of quiet stills.

@alice_gao instagram

4. @ioegreer

Adventurer Joe Greer likes nothing more than the great outdoors, his fiancé Madison Bosworth (see @madisonbosworth below) and, rather peculiarly, taking photos of friends posing upside down in open fields (see cover image at top).

@ioegreer instagram

5. @kat_in_nyc

A CFDA contributing photographer, Kat Irlin has shot celebrities the likes of David Beckham and Karl Lagerfeld. However, it's her intimate images of couples canoodling in New York City that really make you double tap.

@kat_in_nyc instagram

6. @fosterhunting

Foster Huntington and a bunch of his carpenter friends built this 'Cinder Cone' treehouse on family-owned land in Washington late last year. Visit his Instagram for a visual diary of the project, which includes a reinforced concrete skate bowl and a wood-fired hot tub. And did we mention that the treehouse has wifi? Sweet.

@fosterhunting instagram

7. @christophschaller

Boasting killer personal style and mad photographic skills, Christoph Schaller will have you questioning your sartorial choices as well as your filter selection. 

@christophschaller instagram

8. @madisonbosworth

The next time someone tells you that social media promotes anti-social behaviour, remember this story: Gorgeous redhead Madison Bosworth met fellow photographer Joe Greer (see @ioegreer above) on Instagram and are now getting hitched. #IToldYouSo 


9. @jaredchambers

This nomadic LA photographer has a dreamy feed of washed-out beaches and sun-drenched road trips interspersed with crisp winter landscapes and misted forrests. Wanderlusters beware.

@jaredchambers instagram

10. @aguynamedpatrick

It's hard to believe, but man about town Patrick Janelle captures his gallivanting escapades all on his iPhone. Say what? Believe it. Follow for the quintessential New York City hipster lifestyle. 

@aguynamedpatrick instagram

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