#ThrowbackThursday: The life and times of the Trevi Fountain

#ThrowbackThursday: The life and times of the Trevi Fountain


Text: Angelyn Kwek

In a major undertaking sponsored by Fendi, the famed Trevi Fountain returns to its majestic splendour

One of the most visited countries in the world, Italy is a culturally rich destination recognised for their centuries-old monuments steeped in history. At the epicentre is the Trevi Fountain, the largest Baroque-styled fountain in Rome and undoubtedly the most lauded one. Honouring and preserving this piece of cultural heritage is the house of Fendi, whose roots are inexorably entwined with this historical masterpiece.

TBT Trevi Fountain

Following a grand inauguration ceremony that took place on 3 November to unveil the restored Trevi Fountain, we look back at its remarkable history and how it came to be so universally loved.


The site of the fountain lies at the junction of three roads, along which ancient underground aqueducts run to supply water. This source of H2O once led to the Baths of Agrippa  Rome's first hot-air public bath, circa 19BC  and served the city for over 400 years.

TBT Trevi Fountain

In 1730, a competition was organised by Pope Clement XII to find a worthy designer to give the fountain a dramatic facelift, for which Italian architect Nicola Salvi won. Renovations began in 1732 and were completed in 1762 — creating the Trevi Fountain we know today that's presided over by Oceanus, the god of water.


Aside from being a distinctive historical landmark that sees a maelstrom of tourists daily, the Trevi Fountain has made its way into pop culture with notable scenes in celebrated movies. It has had guest appearances in Roman Holiday, which starred Audrey Hepburn and in 1963's Gidget Goes to Rome. Most prominently, it was featured in the famous classic film La Dolce Vita, where actress Anita Ekberg and her leading man, Marcello Mastroianni shared that iconic passionate kiss under the fountain.

TBT Trevi Fountain

Looking ahead

Like the romance that unfolded in La Dolce Vita, Fendi and the Trevi Fountain embraces a deep bond. Having always been an inspirational source for the fashion house, it's no surprise that Fendi is reciprocating the affection by showering the fountain with a costly restoration project. 

TBT Trevi Fountain

Initiated in January of 2013, this ambitious refurbishment took nearly two years and a crew of 26 restorers. Breathing creativity and new life into the beauty of the fountain, Fendi takes one for the team so that the rest of us may continue to bask in the exquisite grandeur that is the Trevi Fountain for generations to come.

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