The best country pavilions and installations to catch at the Venice Biennale

The best country pavilions and installations to catch at the Venice Biennale

The eye must travel

Text: Ethan Lee

Editor: Aravin Sandran


Taking home the prestigious Golden Lion award for the best country pavilion this year, artist Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė's 'Sun & Sea' exhibition takes on the issue of climate change with a faux beach in the middle of a industrial warehouse, complete with tanning men and women of all ages lying about.


Watch artist Laure Prouvost's film "Deep See Blue Surrounding You" that's complemented by Murano glass sea creatures.


Materialist Martin Puryear's large 'Liberty — Swallowed Sun' installation shows a journey towards liberty, from its dark curls into a flower-like giant wooden panel.

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

In 'Can't Help Myself', a giant robot arm tirelessly mops up blood-like red liquid. The robot was programmed with 32 different movements. The installation seeks to explore humanity's excessive and increasing reliance on technology.

Christian Marclay

Visual artist and composer Christian Marclay layered 48 separate war movies into one screen with only their outer edges visible. While each individual layer might be perceived as chaotic, the end result is hypnotizing.


Artist El Anatsui's large-scale installation is made from recycled materials. It expresses "Ghana Freedom", a song that was composed when the country became independent in 1957.


Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir AKA Shoplifter's 'Chromo Sapiens' installation is made of vividly coloured synthetic hair.


Mark Justiniani's 'Island Weather' work evokes a sense of wonder with its three biomorphic modules that rise two feet from the ground. 


Artist Song-Ming Ang's 'Music For Everyone: Variations on a Theme' exhibition focuses on the most overlooked and despised musical instrument in Singapore. It explores the myriad of ways people relate to music, on a personal and societal level, and how music can affect a sense of agency.

The Venice Biennale runs until 24 November 2019.

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