#SundayFunday: Photographer Gray Malin’s Bhutan

#SundayFunday: Photographer Gray Malin’s Bhutan

Spirited away

Text: Adibah Isa

Image: Gray Malin

As part of Le Méridien’s Follow Me programme, Gray Malin’s photographs from his time in Bhutan have been released

Pharrell's Happy might have been the soundtrack of 2014 — but Gray Malin continues this positive spirit into the current year with his recent series of prints, 'Bhutan: Land of Happiness'.

The fine art photographer we shadowed in April has released 10 photographs from his journey with Le Méridien, inciting further wanderlust in newbies to Bhutan and urging this writer to return to that kingdom of happiness. Never mind Minister Khaw Boon Wan's recent comments on the country — as we've experienced firsthand, Bhutan is indeed a Shangri-la, but with dog shit. If you can excuse the sight — which trust me, is nothing compared to the ignorance you see in Facebook comments everyday — you'll be met with a 360-degree view of soaring Himalayan mountains against the greenery of fields and jungles.

During the trip, Malin and his crew travelled around the areas of Thimphu and Paro including the BBS Tower, Paro river and the Drukgyel Dzhong fort. With balloons and streamers — the latter reminiscent of prayer flags — in tow, they strived against unfavourable conditions such as harsh winds and freezing rivers just to nail a shot. In fact, some scenes had to be abandoned due to the weather. Malin also instilled the help of curious children and monks, as well as a selection of journalists (including this writer) to hold the balloons featured in 'Wishes in the Wind', much to the delight of the participants.

The results are nothing short of spectacular, as you can see from the gallery below.

To purchase a print, click here.