5 yachts to look out for at the Singapore Yacht Show 2018

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Text: Adibah Isa

Think you're acing the adulting game? Not till you hop on board and take charge of these bad boys. We present our picks of the stylish decks you can be seen on at the Singapore Yacht Show

We confess: We know next to nothing about yachts. Sure, we've been on a couple of boating trips in our lifetime and have stared longingly at the lives of pleasure-seekers who reside in Sentosa Cove, but when we think 'yacht', we think 'daily rental' or 'weekend trip' — buying an actual one's not on our to-do list just yet.

That said, we sure as hell know what looks good. As superficial as it may seem, knowing what's stylish and what — ahem — floats your boat is winning half the battle. How many times has bad taste happened to affluent people? It's a phenomenon that's ever-occuring, and one we can help with. Lets start with the obvious: The deck's where you show off your goods, so when you choose one to host a VIP or corporate bash, opt for a spacious, well-lit and well-shaded space. We recommend checking out the 40 Open Sunreef Power, a catamaran that's great for events. Coupled with a well-equipped bar, state-of-the-art sound system and a big sun awning that can shield your precious guests, it's excellent for day trips. For one that'll give boating snobs 'wowsers' in their trousers, Boat Lagoon Yachting's latest addition to the M Class range, Princess 30, is one of the largest vessels on display at the Singapore Yacht Show and boasts a deck that's large enough to fit a hot tub. Score.

Targeted specifically at the Asian market, the Ferretti FY 780 is great to fit out with sunbeds, as is the Azimut Grande 27 Metri, which will be launched in Asia for the first time. Our final choice is the Sanlorenzo SL78 with a wide upperdeck that's fashioned with the best names in furnishings: Minotti, Flos, Zucchetti and Roda.

Singapore Yacht Show runs till 15 April at Sentosa Cove. 
To enjoy 50% discount and two complimentary drinks on your multi-day ticket, visit Singapore Yacht Show's site and enter QVHH3FMS.


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