Artists in Singapore: These street graffiti artists are painting the town with their tags — legally

Artists in Singapore: These street graffiti artists are painting the town with their tags — legally

Off the wall

Text: Clara Tan

Editor: Aravin Sandran

Singapore's government might have a less-than-favourable relationship when it comes to street art and freedom of creative expression, but when — ahem — approved spaces are designated during art festivals and public commissions, our local graffiti artists don't disappoint. Referencing calligraphy, mythology and fantasy — the aesthetics of Singapore's street talent are as diverse as the country's cultural makeup.

Arguably one of Singapore's most prominent graffiti artists, Ceno2 aka Azlan Ramlan has worked all over the world including several hundred in Chicago and New York as well as Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn and Germany's Hyatt Regency Mainz.


An art director by profession and co-founder of design collective Geeksigners, Anthony Chong's (or ANTZ, as he is known) body of works reference Chinese culture, identity, dialect and mythology.


SYCO03's first gig was a mural completed for Zouk in 1999. Today, he has worked with the likes of Converse, Nike and National Youth Council.


Founder of the urban art collective RSCLS, Zulkarnaen Othman — more commonly known as ZERO — had a tough journey that led him to be a full-time artist in the early 2000s. Since then, he has been commissioned by numerous festivals and exhibitions locally and is actively involved in teaching and mentorship to ensure the growth of the street art scene.


Ink and Clog
Formed in 2012, Eman Jeman and Nadirah Abdul Razak's style revolves around the concept of calculative geometric patterns. They have created murals globally including Japan, Korea and Mexico and racked up esteemed clients such as Google, Apple and Microsoft.


Founder of street art collective Zinc Nite Crew (ZNC) and co-owner of specialised graffiti store The Black Book, Rozaimie Sahbie is a full-time graffiti artist and art instructor. He is also part of graffiti crews in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur. 


Founder of a web design and developing firm, Desmond Shen hopes that graffiti will one day be appreciated with the same reverence as traditional fine art.


A motion graphic designer by day and a graffiti artist by night, Pratama Eka Dharma has ambitions to produce his own line of art toys someday as achieved by local players MightyJaxx and FlabSlab.


Studio Moonchild
Studio Moonchild is the collaborative effort of two Singaporean artists, ANACATHIE and FREAKYFIR. After numerous years in the toy and game industries, the pair expresses themselves through graffiti and mural art that incorporates their love for pop-culture, anime and manga art.


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