@seeyounextthursday: This millennial art dealer auctions off paintings, sculpture and photography on Instagram every week

@seeyounextthursday: This millennial art dealer auctions off paintings, sculpture and photography on Instagram every week

Going once

Text: Aravin Sandran

Every Thursday evening, artist and independent curator Calli Moore posts an image of an artwork (or a gallery of a few) on @seeyounextthursday (SYNT) with a short bio of the artist along with the dates and times of when the auction goes live and closes. She usually previews the artist on IG stories beforehand. Then, the bidding begins. Collectors place a bid by simply commenting on the post. Bidding starts off at an affordable 85 USD regardless of the medium or scale of the artwork and then climbs at five dollar increments over the course of the week. The sky's the limit when it comes to bidding. 

SYNT cleverly plays into  what Ariana Grande so eloquently encapsulated — the "I want it/I got it" millennial generation. There's no need to go shoulder-to-shoulder with stiff upper-lipped society ladies and gentlemen, raising numbered paddles in an intimidating hall of a major auction house like Christie's or Sotheby's. Here, collecting art is dangerously convenient and easy; do it on the bed, on the toilet or at a party.


From the looks of SYNT's feed, colourful figurative paintings or sculpture are clearly front-runners when it comes to closing a sale. The exception being Lauren Daccache's black-and-white photograph, "Jump/Fall". While bids have fluctuated between little over 200 USD to an impressive 1,700 USD for Kim Dorland's watercolour on paper, SYNT's business model is fixed no matter the outcome. Artists get 70 per cent of the sale price, the IG gallery receives the remaining 30 per cent as commission and the buyer pays the shipping fees.

SYNT has plans expand its portfolio and presence beyond the grids of IG including bringing its digital community of young artists and collectors to physical exhibitions around the fringes of New York City (but bidding will always take place on IG) and forming partnerships with online art purveyors such as Artsy.

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